Celiveo 8, the advanced ZeroServer and Cloud-Ready Print Management Solution

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Singapore, February 26th, 2018 – Celiveo, the leading provider of ZeroServer™ enterprise-class print management solution, today announced Celiveo 8 version 2018, a scalable, resilient and Enterprise-Class document management solution for print fleets between 1 and 100,000 printers.

With Celiveo 8 version 2018, we continue to innovate and set a new standard in term of print fleet management, MFP and printers security and cost reduction, especially when server related to printing can cost up to ten time more than printing itsel

Jean-François d’Estalenx
CEO and President of Celiveo.

Celiveo Print-Direct removes all print servers and provides advanced Direct IP Printing at a very attractive price.

There is a virtual printer installed on the client PCs. Users can choose a new target printer at any time in a list or on a floor map, with the following benefits:

  • Removes all print servers and migrates automatically print queues and drivers
  • Allows to easily manage the printer fleet using floor maps, groups, tags, dynamic access rights
  • Reduce printing cost using smart rules based printing
  • Automatic deployment of drivers and settings based on target printers selection
  • Tracks and reports print jobs with user, volume and cost information
  • Multi-level administration with powerful delegation backed by ActiveDirectory
  • No application server for real scalability and removing all bottlenecks

Celiveo Business provides user authentication on printers and MFPs, server-based pull printing, tracking and reporting at the most attractive price for small and medium sized business:

  • User authentication by proximity card, swipe card, barcode or PIN code
  • Server-based pull printing, documents are printed on the printer where the user authenticates
  • Powerful rules based printing that adapts to the printer where documents are released
  • Secure your information with dynamic AES encryption of pull print jobs data
  • Tracks and reports print, copy, fax, scan and email usage with user information
  • Includes all Celiveo Print-Direct features

Celiveo Enterprise adds ZeroServer pull printing, High Availability and Cloud-Ready print management plus full multidomain integration with ActiveDirectory, making it the ideal solution for enterprises print management:

  • ZeroServer pull printing, allows the removal of all print and print applications servers
  • High Availability for a high disaster resilience on printing and authentication
  • Strong dual factor authentication with PKI Smartcards support and strong PKI print jobs encryption
  • Optional vertical markets connectors for Public Sector, Oil&Gas, Finance/Services/Insurance
  • Optional native SAP pull print connector
  • Advanced tracking and reporting with full integration with Active Directory OU and groups
  • Includes all Celiveo Print-Direct and Celiveo Business features

For more details, please visit: http://www.celiveo.com

About Celiveo

Celiveo, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, invents, develops and delivers a range of serverless output management solutions that enable mobility, secure documents and document output devices such as printers and MFPs. With a team of experts in solutions development and delivery and a strong presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, Celiveo is a global company with the infrastructure and support network to serve the needs of international business. Many fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses alike rely on Celiveo solutions to manage smartly their printing, copying and scanning and reduce drastically their print fleet TCO.