Celiveo Business Edition

Server-based Pull Printing
Smart Direct IP Printing

Simplify printing, Reduce IT support


Control the TCO of printers and MFPs


Benefit from Pull Printing, card/PIN release


All that at the most attractive price and ROI, from just $109 per printer and no hidden cost

Celiveo Business edition main features

Smart Direct IP and badge/PIN Pull Print service with no application server and much less print servers. Print jobs are retained on print server and released on any printer where the owner authenticates. Spools from Windows, MacOS, Linux, AS/400, SAP, Unix, are retained on pull print server then released by card or PIN on the printer where their owner authenticates. Unclaimed print jobs are automatically purged after a pre-defined time.
Celiveo adds Access Control on printers and MFPs based on PIN codes and/or proximity card, with self-enrollment directly on the MFPs or on a web portal pour PIN codes. Each MFP function can be tied to an authentication method i.e. to make copy accessible by badge or login/password but to send an email the authentication by login/password is made mandatory.
Precise usage tracking and advanced web portal provides accurate and detailed usage report per user and per printer.
Print rules enforce the print policy by being able to stop some print jobs, force* B&W, duplex and toner saving. Rules can even be highly granular and device specific to adapt the policy to the device performances or location.

*:Printers need to support print job property changes

Celiveo Business Edition helps the IT team

Discover printers on the network, organize them with geotagging and manage windows drivers using a powerful web portal
Enforce the corporate print policy, make printing reliable, help users printing easily to increase their productivity, reduce IT support
Simplify printers administration, drivers deployment, settings configuration and end-user life with click&print technology

Precise tracking and web reporting on printing and MFP walkup activities*: copies, scan, fax, email…

*: Tracked activities and data accuracy depends on the printer or MFP brand and generation

Celiveo Business Edition helps end-users

Users authenticate with PIN code or card on printers and MFP, that controls access to the MFP and allows to release pending print jobs
With Pull Printing service users enter a PIN code or show their employee badge on any printer or MFP ​to release their pending print jobs
Rules based printing enforces the corporate printer policy, i.e. to always print emails in black&white and duplex, with granularity and even custom rules per target printer
It becomes so easy to locate printers using floor plans and their real time status is even shown! Roaming users see immediately the list of local printers, adapting to the IP range

Business-Class Direct and Pull Printing

Celiveo Business Edition does all that and much more...
Includes Celiveo Print-Direct features
Web administration portal with sub-delegation
Discovers network printers with their details
Structures print fleet through powerful tagging
Unlimited number of users and printers*
Geo-positioning of printers on maps
Authentication on printers/MFPs using PIN or card
Central print drivers and settings library
Flexible print rules to control cost, color, duplex, toner saving with active enforcement on server
Flexible pull print rules to control cost, color, duplex, toner saving with enforcement @ printer
Automatic drivers/settings/rules update
Server-based Pull Printing
Self-configured Pull Print service EXE package
Pending jobs list displayed on MFP screen**
Self-deletion of unclaimed pull print jobs
Detailed page cost per printer or printer group
Define the page cost per printer or printer group
Web reports on usage and cost, per printer & user
...and more...
*: Celiveo Business is licensed per printer
**: Check the list of supported MFP and printers

The Celiveo Business Edition print solution represents the best value for the money, with full print fleet management and right-sizing, smart Direct IP printing on any network printer and server-based Pull Printing on a selected list of MFPs and printers.

Celiveo Business Edition starts at US$109 for one printer, contact us today for a free evaluation license!

All prices on this web site are in US$ – Those prices are indicative and may vary from country to country, reseller to reseller and licenses may be proposed in any other currency.