Celiveo 365 Features

Celiveo 365 further protects your documents by adding avanced cyber-secure Cloud features to Universal Print by Microsoft

Easy web Administration

  • Modern and fast administration web portal
  • Automatic security through AAD
  • Discover and add printers through SNMP
  • Ability to manage very large printer fleets
  • Create pull print queues in Universal Print
  • Easily create AAD groups access rights
  • Design powerful pull-print rules
  • Display extensive logs and alerts screen

Test Celiveo 365 for free for 10 users, 30 days

Advanced Access Control

  • Control who can access MFP and printers, send email, release print jobs, make copies and scan jobs
  • Add access control to supported printers & MFP
  • Users need a PIN code or their employee card
  • Granular access rights, based on AAD groups
  • Printer-Based access rules
  • Access control to color, simplex printing
  • Print rules to stop print jobs based on size, pages, printer model, metadata
  • High Availability & fast Authentication

​Documents Security & Traceability

  • Add Pull Print to Universal Print
  • Document can be the printer closest to user
  • Print jobs are not printed unless their owner is authenticated on the printer
  • Documents are encrypted
  • Unique AES-256 key for each document
  • Further encryption using TLS + ECC from Celiveo Zero-Trust-Access cert chain
  • Protection against documents tampering
  • Full traceability on all document access, printing, failures, incidents, card reader removal and plugin
  • Advanced Usage Reporting

Celiveo 365 Features

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*: see the list of supported printers and MFP

Celiveo 365 Core Functions

May 2022
PIN/Card Access control on printers* & MFP*

Smart & secure roaming pull printing

Print tracking & reporting

MFP walkup tracking & reporting

Mobile printing

Web Portal Administration
May 2022
Web admin portal

Microsoft AAD SSO

Printers discovery and auto-import

Delegation of administration

Conditional access to printers by group

Log screen will changes, warnings, errors

User Authentication
May 2022
Automatic user identification on PC

User authentication using PIN code

User authentication using card

Login Password authentication (MFP)

Card self-enrollment on MFP

PIN self-enrollment on portal

Authentication rules

Dual factor (badge + password)

High Availability

Standard Access Control rules

Advanced Access Control rules (with AAD Groups)

Smart Printing, Rules Based Printing
May 2022
Pull print with job release using PIN or card

Native Cloud print queue of Win 10, Win 11

Driverless printing on Win 10, Win 11

Deep integration in Universal Print

Pull Print jobs list on MFP screen

Search Printer on floor maps
June 2022
Live printers’ status
Junce 200
Print jobs data encryption (AES256 dynamic key)

Print jobs transfer encryption TLS-ECC

Print rules on printer/MFP
June 2022
Print rule to stop print job
June 2022
Print rule to force Black & White
June 2022
Print rule to force toner saving
June 2022
Print rule to force duplex
June 2022
Large Format Printers support (LFP/WFP)
Legacy Windows 7/8/8.1 clients support
MacOS clients support
Linux clients support
iOS, Android

Tracking And Reporting
May 2022
Web reporting portal

High accuracy tracking data

Track printed pages

Track photocopies

Track scans

Track sent emails

Track color, B&W

Track Duplex, Simplex

Track paper format

Cost calculation

Unlimited cost profiles


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