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Celiveo for Universal Print by Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud

Further Reduce your Printers TCO by moving Print Management, MFPs & Print jobs Security to Pure Cloud

Moving the Printing Infrastructure to the Cloud is the latest evolution in IT, to reduce management and infrastructure cost, provide a unified solution across all sites and for all users. When most solutions merely move an on-premise server to the Cloud as a VM and get all the traffic through the VPN, Celiveo has been designed to be deployed on the Intranet or on the Cloud, while managing smartly the risks of the Cloud such as internet connection outage, slow communication and DDOS.

With Celiveo Enterprise (for Intranet) and Celiveo 365 it is possible to manage your multi-sites printer fleet from the Cloud, distribute and update drivers and settings, authenticate users on printers and MFPs, provide fully secure follow-me pull printing, rules based printing to control cost and usage, then track accurately and bill back departments and OU for their usage of printers and MFPs.

If you think Cloud Print Management, check Celiveo Enterprise and Celiveo 365!

What’s different with Celiveo Enterprise in the Cloud?

Works with Cloud off

You need to always being able to authenticate on a printer or MFP, make a copy or print a document, never lose printer usage even if your Internet provider has a downtime.

Celiveo runs at the printer level and features high-availability technology to always work, even in case of major LAN/WAN/Cloud catastrophe, and without requiring any PC or server on-premise. And most of the time you will not even notice there was a Cloud access outage.


Ultra Low Traffic

No need for costly high-speed fiber connection, a DSL connection will be good enough for most ground premises.

Celiveo only communicates with the Cloud for events such as storing print tracking tickets, enrolling a user card or PIN. The rest of the time all traffic happens on the local network, print jobs are never going to the Cloud except for Universal Print native print jobs.
That limits to the maximum the volume of data transferred to and from the Cloud, and therefore reduces your overall Cloud bill.

Very, very fast!

Information such as PIN code or card number is processed at the printer level, it does not go back to the Cloud unless the user is unknown. Pull print jobs go directly from the client PC to the printer where the user reclaims them. Tracking information is sent directly by the printer into the SQL Server in the Cloud, without any PC.

The result is an awesome performance, very fast authentication, very fast printing and no gateway PC/server/service needed to reach the Cloud from a printer or MFP.

Celiveo 365 for Microsoft 365 and Universal Print

Celiveo 365 is a deep integration of Celiveo technology inside the Microsoft 365 architecture, leveraging from the powerful Universal Print architecture to provide pure Cloud documents high security, print data strong encryption, secure pull print release, strong access control on printers and MFPs with PIN and cards.

Printers, Microsoft 365, Celiveo 365 and client PCs, that’s it!

Celiveo 365 is an Edge Computing technology, the intelligence rests at the printer level and communicates directly with Universal Print and Microsoft Azure, nothing needs to be installed on-premise or in a VM. As a result secure printing is slick, fast, safe and does not consist of a solution running side-by-side with Universal Print by Microsoft.

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Celiveo Secure Print on Private Cloud with VPN

When Universal Print by Microsoft is not a solution you can or want to use, it is always possible to install Celiveo in a private Cloud, inside a VM. It is still not an active VM as it merely hosts a SQL Server database and the configuration console. The communication between client PCs and printers, printers to AD/AAD, printers and PC to SQL Server, are all peer-to-peer, direct.
There is no central application running the solution, and Celiveo Enterprise High Availability feature even keeps the whole solution running in case of Internet/Cloud outage.

The architecture is as follow:

  1. Communications between On-Premises and Cloud networks are made through IPSec VPN over Internet
  2. Celiveo is deployed on Virtual Machines (VMs). It is recommended to separate the web applications(WA,TGS) from the databases. It is also recommended to have at least two load-balanced VMs for very large printer/MFP fleets
  3. VMs hosting the databases can be scalable and this requires setting up clusters or replication. Servers in a SQL Server Cluster need to join an AD domain
  4. The VPN is configured so that the bridge routes data from Cloud server to on-premises subnetworks, print jobs flow directly from PC to printers (with fixed IP or reserved DHCP) instead of going through the Cloud, even in case of follow-me pull print where the printer requests print jobs.
  5. VMs are usually deployed inside a Cloud Region. Spanning Celiveo over multiple regions requires additional setup, configuration, costs, and replication

The VPN is needed just to install Celiveo on the printers if Pull Print or Access Control is needed, and to get access to the federated Active Directory or Cloud LDAP

Celiveo Private Cloud sample setup on Microsoft Azure

Celiveo Private Cloud sample setup on Amazon AWS

You have the project to move your print management to the Cloud?

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