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Celiveo Web Admin

Celiveo Web Admin
Print fleet and printing management

Manage your print fleet

Configure options & actions


  • Only live when (re)configuration is needed, off otherwise
  • Fast interface capable of handling tens of thousand of printers and MFPs
  • Custom views, columns display/hide/drag&drop, filters
  • User-friendly wizard to perform all tasks
  • Synchronizing some or all printers is done in a few clicks

Discover printers on the network, using SNMP

  • Discover printers from remote print servers
  • Copy print drivers and setting from remote print servers into the drivers library
  • Easy import of print drivers & settings from admin PC into the drivers library
  • Soft quota (for information) for print and copy
  • Quota per monetary value
  • Quota per page count
  • Double quota, color & b&W pages
  • Quota applied to some users, OU, groups
  • Automatic/manual quota top-up and reset
  • Geo-localization of printers using tags & maps
  • Up to 5 tag categories, unlimited values per category, i.e. categories can be Country, Building, Floor
  • Geo-localization of users using tags
  • Based on OU, groups, IP address range
  • Printers list filtered based on user geo-localization
  • Deep integration with Universal Print by Microsoft
  • Printers tagging with replication in Universal Print
  • Multi-level delegation of print fleet administration
  • Super Admins have full access, Admins limited access
  • Access to Web Admin uses static or domain login
  • Admin rights are individual and based on AD groups
  • Admins can only see and manage printers and profiles they are authorized to see/create/modify
  • Any admin can create sub-administrators with even more limited management scope

Celiveo WebAdmin is Cloud-Ready for Microsoft 365:

  • No installation required
  • Celiveo Web Admin available as a SaaS
  • Zero-Trust-Access architecture for the highest security
  • SQL Server as a PAAS
  • Direct integration with AAD for access rights and rules

Celiveo WebAdmin is Cloud-Ready for Azure and AWS:

  • No central server, just a central SQL Server database
  • Print jobs data never reach Celiveo Web Admin
  • Direct communication between client PC and printers
  • Direct tickets query to SQL Server from PC and printers
  • High Availability to protect from DSL/Fibre downtimes
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