FREE Celiveo Print-Direct

Upon installation the Celiveo Print-Direct trial mode automatically starts:

  • For 30 days
  • Up to 10 printers
  • Unlimited number of users
The trial license can later be extended:

  • For 12 months
  • Up to 10 printers
  • Unlimited number of users
Test licenses can easily be converted to full commercial licenses with more printers, technical support or more features (conversion to Celiveo Business or Enterprise Edition) without reinstall. For free 30 trial license of Celiveo Business or Enterprise Edition click on the Celiveo packaging on the right.

Want a free 30 days trial version of Celiveo Business Edition or Celiveo Enterprise Edition? Request your license extension now!

Want a FREE one year license
for Celiveo Print-Direct?

1 - Download celiveo, install it

Celiveo can be downloaded below on that page.
Documentation, self training, and forum support are available from the ​Celiveo portal.

2 - Benefit from the built-in 30 days free license FOR CELIVEO PRINT DIRECT

The FREE Celiveo Print-Direct license is the real solution, no advertisement, no information sent outside your network, no limitation besides the number of printers which is a maximum of 10.
During its first installation Celiveo self-licenses for 1 month and 10 printers, it is simple, no need to contact us!

3 - Request here the 1 year FREE license EXTENSION, install it

The Celiveo Print Direct FREE license allows you to address up to 10 printers with an unlimited number of users.​

  • Go to the Celiveo portal.
  • Click on the “FREE Celiveo license” icon
  • Enter the short hostname (no FQDN) of the PC/server where Celiveo is installed, click on “SUBMIT”
  • You will receive the license file by email as an attached .lic file, install it in the Celiveo Web Admin software (License icon on the home screen)
  • If you experience any issue with the license file, you can contact the Celiveo License Desk
4 - What happens after one year?

3 weeks before the end of your license, the Celiveo Web Admin software reminds you of the near expiration of the license. Just log in to our portal with your credentials to request a new license for 1 year and install it in Celiveo Web Admin.
You are then all set for the next 12 months!

5 - What if I have more than 10 printers OR WANT OFFICIAL SUPPORT?

You have experienced the power and ease of use of Celiveo Print Direct and have more than 10 printers or want full support by Celiveo? Contact one of our channel partners to inquire about commercial licenses with advanced support.

6 - Why that offer and IS my privacy fully protected?

Our Celiveo Print Management solution is so innovative, efficient and sleek that we want the maximum number of companies to discover it, even very small companies who may not immediately see the very quick Return On Investment. So when our marketing came with the crazy idea to license for free Celiveo Print-Direct for 10 printers and less, we all said “Go for it!”. The more users like our product, come back with ideas on the community forum, the best it is for all.

Celiveo has very high standards on privacy: unlike most other free solutions our solution does not contain any code that sends information back to Celiveo or any third party.

7 - What if I want to evaluate Celiveo Business Edition or Celiveo Enterprise Edition?

Just click here to contact Celiveo and request a FREE 30 days trial license. Ensure you document proper information such as project description and the hostname where the Celiveo WebAdmin software will be installed.

If you have already installed Celiveo Print-Direct there is no need to reinstall Celiveo, just update the license!

Note that for Pull Printing and MFP access control some MFPs and printers require an hardware accessory, the Celiveo Smart Appliance (CSA) it is not supplied with the free 30 days trial license. Some MFPs and printers don’t need such adapter, provide us your test details on the license request form so that we can assist you and recommend MFPs for your tests.

Now, download Celiveo 8!

Celiveo End User License Agreement

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15. This agreement shall be constructed, interpreted and governed by the laws of Singapore. You agree that this is the complete and exclusive statement of this agreement which supersedes any prior agreement or other communication between us on this subject.

(c) 2011 - 2017 Celiveo Pte Ltd

  • Read the hardware and software requirements in the above tab
  • Read the Celiveo EULA on the left, if you don't agree with its terms do not click on the Download button
  • Otherwise click below to access the Celiveo Portal
  • Download the current Celiveo 8 installer
  • The embedded and online contextual help will guide you in the solution usage
  • A community forum is available to exchange ideas and ask other users for assistance

System requirements

Celiveo 8 can be evaluated freely in its Celiveo Print-Direct edition.
The Celiveo web-Admin software is common to all 3 editions of Celiveo
​and Celiveo Business/Enterprise features are visible but greyed-out in the software.

Direct IP Printing


  • Any network printer
  • Any network MFP
  • Note: rules enforcement on color, duplex, toner saving is for supported printers only (includes some Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Ricoh, Toshiba, Xerox models).
    ​More printers will be supported in the future.
WebAdmin installation PC

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Professional or Enterprise (Home Edition is not supported)
  • Disk space: 2GB
Network Client PC

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Home, Professional or Enterprise
  • Disk space: 500 MB
Installation requirement

  • SQL Server/Express
  • IIS Server (for configuration only)
Installation time

  • 6 mn*, without SQL
    *: on i7 PC, 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM

Pull Printing

WebAdmin installation PC

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Professional or Enterprise (Home Edition is not supported)
  • Disk space: 2GB

  • Any network printer
  • Any network MFP
ZeroServer Pull Print Client PC

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (Home Edition is NOT supported)
  • Disk space: 500 MB
Pull Print server

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Storage for print jobs
Clients for server-based pull print

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Home, Professional or Enterprise
  • SAP R/3, NetWeaver
  • iOS, Android, Windows
Installation requirement

  • SQL Server/Express
  • IIS Server (for configuration only)
Software Installation time

  • 12 mn*, without SQL
    *: on i7 PC, 3.0GHz, 8GB RAM

MFP Access Control

User authentication

  • for copy, fax, scan, email
  • other : brand specific
​Accurate embedded tracking

  • Uses scan/print engine data

​Front panel integration

  • Badge self-enrollemnt
  • User authentication
  • Pull Print jobs list+actions

Supported MFP brands

1. HP

  • ​HP Enterprise MFP and SFP
  • Most HP DesignJet and Pagewide XL
  • HP Pro MFP (OXPd 1.7 only)
2. Konica Minolta

  • ​BizHub MFP with Open API
3. Lexmark

  • ​eSF 3 to eSF 5 MFP

4. Ricoh

  • SOP ​MFP

6. Xerox

  • ​EIP 1.5 to 2.5 MFP
  • Versalink/Altalink

5. Toshiba

  • e-Bridge 3 MFP
  • e-Bridge X MFP