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  • Highly stable, full featured print management solution
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Regular price: 99€/$


  • Smart Direct IP Printing
  • Access Control badge/PIN pull printing
  • No application server and much fewer print servers
  • Server-Based Pull Printing
  • Printer-Based Print rules
  • Precise usage tracking and reports



Regular price: 199€/$


  • All Celiveo Business features
  • Zero Server pull printing solution
  • Each printer is fully working independently
  • Peer-to-peer print flow encryption


    • HP list price per HP FS device, P/Ns available in Dart
    • No additional cost per user

    What is Celiveo Business?

    It is the next generation, cost-effective print management
    solution for small & medium companies.


    • Multi vendor solution
    • Easily scalable architecture
    • Reduce print infrastructure cost
    • Powerful reporting tool
    • Cloud by nature
    • Encrypted transactions
    • Robust low-cost direct IP printing

    Discover Celiveo Business +

    The advanced business print management solution, so easy to deploy and use! Celiveo Business Plus comes from a new generation of print management solutions, easy to deploy & proposed at the most affordable price.


    • From 1 to 100,000 printers
    • Reduce print infrastructure cost
    • ZeroServer technology
    • Advanced print jobs encryption
    • Advanced authentication capabilities

    Celiveo Enterprise, the ultimate print management solution

    Celiveo Enterprise is an advanced ZeroServer and Cloud-Ready pull print solution for enterprise clients with advanced requirements such as high availability, fault tolerance, direct AD enrollment, individual user rights, very high security and vertical market connectors.


    • ZeroServer technology
    • Reduces print cost
    • Adds high-availability to MFPs
    • Stealth mode
    • Advanced print jobs encryption
      Advanced authentication capabilities
    • PKI cards support


    What is the ZeroServer technology?

    ZeroServer™ is an innovating technology developed by Celiveo, it allows to remove all printing-related servers in a company to save up to 10 times the cost of printing, make printing easier, secure and robust. ZeroServer is based on a totally distributed architecture where the intelligence is located at every node of the print architecture.

    High availability

    Unplug the MFP from the LAN:
    • Users can still authenticate with PIN/Card,
    rules apply
    • Permanent full usage tracking, no data loss
    • Local cache in RAM or disk, dynamic or AD