Supported Konica Minolta Printers & MFPs

List of supported Konica Minolta Printers and MFPs


Those MFPs are supported by Celiveo Enterprise only in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific as of now.
For Americas please refer to the “Legacy and other Konica Minolta Printers” section below.

bizhub 223, 283, 363, 423
bizhub 224e, 284e, 364e, 454e, 554e, 654e, 754e
bizhub 227,287,367
bizhub 361, 421, 501
bizhub 601, 751
bizhub 654e/754e
bizhub 758/ bizhub 808
bizhub 958 / bizhub PRO 958
bizhub 4050/4750
bizhub C203, C253, C353
bizhub C220, C280, C360
bizhub C224, C284, C364
bizhub C224e, C284e, C364e
bizhub C227,C287
bizhub C258,C308,C368
bizhub C451, C550, C650
bizhub C452, C552, C652
bizhub C454, C554, C654, C754
bizhub C454e, C554e, C654e, C754e
bizhub C3350, C3850, C3850FS

Celiveo adds its intelligence to the Konica Minolta devices through a tiny Celiveo Smart Appliance connected to both the network port behind the printer and the LAN network cable, and to its power supply.

Contact us for other models as printer vendors regularly add models to their MFP product line.

Legacy and other Konica Minolta Printers

Celiveo adds its intelligence to any Konica Minolta PCL5, PCL6 or Postscript network printers and MFPs through a tiny Celiveo Smart Appliance connected to the network port behind the printer.
Celiveo provides the following services on those Konica Minolta printers:

  • User authentication for pull printing
  • Pull printing with instant print jobs release upon badge or PIN authentication
  • Tracking and reporting of pull print jobs
Important disclaimer: Celiveo is not affiliated with any printer vendors and names/logos shown above do not imply any kind of endorsement by Celiveo or by the printer vendor.