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Updates on exciting features the Celiveo R&D team has been working on for many weeks and is proud to release!

Celiveo announces the General Availability of Celiveo 365, cyber-secure Pull Print plugin for Microsoft Universal Print Cloud printing

Singapore, Paris France, Meridian USA, July 29th, 2022 Celiveo today announced the general availability of Celiveo 365, a plug-in adding cyber security and Zero-Trust-Access Cloud Printing to Microsoft Universal Print. Thanks to the close cooperation between Celiveo and Microsoft, strong cyber-security and pull printing, MFP user authentication, and usage tracking is now available in Universal Print, withoutrequiring any PC, gateway, or service between printers and the Microsoft Cloud. Celiveo 365 is the first ever print management solution...

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Celiveo announces the launch of Celiveo Print Management Embedded solution for Ricoh SOP2/SOP2.5 devices

Singapore, 11 March 2020: Celiveo is pleased to announce the release of a fully embedded Celiveo Print Management solution for Ricoh SOP2/SOP2.5 MFPs. This new fully embedded product is the first solution available on the market that complies with the new IT trending - Serverless and Edge Computing. Celiveo provides intelligent print management and secure printing directly embedded inside the Ricoh SOP2 MFD, not driven by any external PC or server. Features cover granular PIN/cards/login-password user authentication for MFD functions, server...

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Celiveo 8 Business Edition Service Pack 4 released, with new advanced print management and pull printing features

Singapore, July 20th, 2018 – Celiveo announced today the introduction of Celiveo 8 Business Edition service Pack 4, with advanced native support for HP LaserJet Enterprise printers and MFPs, HP Pagewide Enterprise printers and MFPs, for print jobs management, cost accounting and pull printing.Celiveo Business provides user authentication on printers and MFPs, server-based pull printing, tracking and reporting at the most attractive price for small and medium sized business: User authentication by PIN code, proximity card, swipe card or...

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Celiveo 8, the advanced ZeroServer and Cloud-Ready Print Management Solution

Singapore, February 26th, 2018 – Celiveo, the leading provider of ZeroServer™ enterprise-class print management solution, today announced Celiveo 8 version 2018, a scalable, resilient and Enterprise-Class document management solution for print fleets between 1 and 100,000 printers.With Celiveo 8 version 2018, we continue to innovate and set a new standard in term of print fleet management, MFP and printers security and cost reduction, especially when server related to printing can cost up to ten time more than printing itsel Jean-François...

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Information about Celiveo company, our solutions and the great new print management features we are bringing to our customers.


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