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Legacy and unsupported Printers

Using Celiveo on legacy and unsupported Printers

Celiveo can easily added to any PCL5, PCL6, XPS or Postscript-capable network printer, even if it is not supported, by connecting the Celiveo Smart Appliance (CSA) to the printer and the network. Celiveo Smart Appliance is available with Celiveo Enterprise edition.

Celiveo provides the following services to unsupported network printers:

  • “Follow-me” pull printing with instant release upon card or PIN authentication
  • Rules based printing*
  • Audit of printing using documents analysis during printing, on PC or server

* Rules enforcement on color, duplex, toner saving depends on the printer and printer driver capability, and there is no rule message displayed on the printer screen

Note: when the printer is not supported by Celiveo, the scan, email sending, copy and any other walk-up function is not controlled or audited, and Celiveo screens are not available on the printer display. To benefit from integration on the front panel and full device control you need to use a fully supported printer. Important disclaimer: Celiveo is not affiliated with any printer vendors and names/logos shown above do not imply any kind of endorsement by Celiveo or by the printer vendor
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