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Optional ERP printing connector for Celiveo Enterprise Edition
SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software. More than 12 million users work with SAP solutions every day and there are more than 140,000 SAP installations worldwide. But despite its widespread use, SAP does not provide effective printing capability. In fact, printing from SAP is cumbersome and costly, owing to a number of technical and operational limitations.

Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP optional connector for Celiveo Enterprise adds the following features to SAP printing on office laser printers:


Automatic print confirmation

Users are immediately notified inside SAP when all pages of the print have been output by the devices, with the exact number of pages produced by the printer to detect partial printings.

No more costly configuration

Nothing to configure in SAP whenever laser printers are added or moved, that immediately benefits operational support cost and end-users productivity

Secure delivery of print jobs

SAP print jobs benefit from data encryption and Pull Printing, where the print job addressee just needs to walk to any Celiveo-enabled office printer to print and collect his documents, with direct feedback into SAP printing system. The SAP spooler displays the real time status of the pull print jobs: pending for release, released, canceled, users can even list and delete pull print jobs within their SAP session.
The Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP BC-XOM Connector is a unique solution that seamlessly integrates deep into SAP systems, transforming cumbersome printing management processes into secure, cost-efficient, productivity gain.

Benefits of the Celiveo SAP Connector

Here are just some of the benefits that the Celiveo Print – ERP/SAP Connector brings to SAP business users:

Dramatically lower printer deployment costs

The Connector uses one unique print queue for all printers, across all SAP modules – so there is no costly reconfiguration of the ERP required when the printer fleet is added to or changed in any way

Know when documents have been printed

Celiveo displays accurate and current print job status inside SAP Output Controller. Users know if a print job is still pending for release, has self-deleted or has been released, including the job details such as actual number of pages output by the printer and the user who released it.

Ensure documents are not lost or taken by unauthorized users

Celiveo keeps the print jobs until their owner authenticates on the printer to release them. Obsolete jobs self-delete and print delegation is also possible

Manage costs and usage more efficiently

Job accounting, tracking and charge-back enable greater transparency of use and proper apportioning of print costs and budgets across departments and users

Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP connector for Celiveo Enterprise is compatible with:

  • SAP R/3 Enterprise Edition 4.0 and later
  • SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 and later
  • SAP Net weaver 7.0 and later
  • Celiveo Enterprise version 8 and later
  • Enterprise network laser printers

Licensing model:
Celiveo Print-ERP for SAP is an additional connector for Celiveo Enterprise, and is licensed per printer that needs SAP output, there is no charge per server. In example if you have a fleet of 300 printers of which only 10 need SAP printing native support, only 10 SAP connector licenses are required.

The optional Celiveo SAP connector starts at US$274 for one printer, contact us today to discuss your project, evaluation versions are available

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