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Remove all print servers

(and all print related server)



With Celiveo Enterprise you benefit from the Zero-Server™ technology and can remove all print servers and print application servers, while benefiting from advanced pull printing, rules based printing, print and copy jobs tracking, reporting and usage quota.

Celiveo Enterprise uses a distributed architecture, running at the printer and users PC levels. A printer equipped with Celiveo can reclaim directly print jobs pending for release on the user PC as well as from print servers, connects to Active Directory and SQL Server to authenticate users and access print jobs tickets information for pull printing.

There is no central Celiveo Enterprise software that runs anywhere, it is simpler, safer as there is no bottleneck or central point of failure. The overall solution totally scalable and reduces very significantly the TCO! The other benefit is that all print traffic stays local, improving drastically the performance and it is possible to move all servers to the private Cloud without impacting printing.

Reporting on copy, print, fax and scan is performed by an application on the corporate IIS server, it uses the information stored by the PCs, printers and MFPs in SQL Server.

Removing all print servers is one of the three possible architectures, the two other being Celiveo Enterprise for Virtualized Server architecture (VMware and Citrix) and Celiveo classic Server-based printing. They can be combined into a single system to meet all needs from your company.



Easy mobile printing

Enterprise-class BYOD printing


Celiveo includes a mobile print software option that installs in minutes, inside your private network, and lets users print from any smartphone, tablet, or mobile computer with extreme ease.

Users can print PDF, images and office documents edited on their smartphone or tablet or received by email, instant messaging or Google Cloud Print and release them on any Celiveo-equipped printer or MFP upon authentication.

iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets and Windows Phone 8 and Surface devices are supported.


Prevent document leaks

Secure access to devices, protect documents end to end



Your company needs to secure the access to printers and MFPs to control their usage and ensure documents are fully protected. When high security is a requirement due to regulation, like in government, banks or health care, that authentication must even be a strong one.

Celiveo Enterprise ensures your documents are really safe. First of all Celiveo Enteprise supports a complete range of authentication mechanisms, from PIN codes and login password to employee badges, PKI smartcards, barcode bages and swipe cards. Celiveo Enterprise goes beyond the mere protection that most other solutions provide, by using badge number encryption, dual factor using a user-defined password to secure the badge usage and direct Active-Directory badge validation. All that requires no administration, users enroll and un-enroll themselves on MFPs or PC without needing support.

The release of documents can be triggered by the user authentication at the printer. This prevents pages to remain unattended on the printers output trays but it is far from being enough to secure documents.

Print jobs can also be PKI-encrypted, end-to-end, from the client PC to the printer without interruption, so that they can't be hijacked and read from the network traffic. Such encryption and decryption can even be performed using PKI smartcards for very high security requirements. Decryption is very fast and the protection does not inflate the spool size.

Document information files can be protected when pending for release, using encryption and hash to protect sensitive information. That ensure even system administrators who can access servers and such information can't use it.

Celiveo Enterprise also ensures your scan to home folder gets the highest possible security on selected MFPs: Celiveo Enterprise can establish secure PKI smartcard Kerberos connections from MFP to home directories on file server to store scanned files with the highest security.



Reduce print and copy cost

Serverless, rules, tracking and reporting


Reducing the overall print and copy infrastucture and related running cost becomes the priority of more and more companies. Printing is often Cloud-unfriendly as moving print servers to the Cloud does not work well, is slow and costly in transfer cost. With Celiveo Enterprise it is now possible to reduce drastically both the print and copy infrastructure and the running cost, as well as move servers to the Cloud.

Celiveo unique serverless architecture allows to decommission print and print application servers. Printers equipped with Celiveo are autonomous, pull printing becomes serverless with print jobs being securely retained on their owner PC hard disk drive until their release or their expiration. removing print servers creates savings that go way beyond what is achievable by optimizing the print and copy running cost.  

Celiveo Enterprise also fully control the usage of printers and MFPs, with the best granularity thanks to Active Directory or LDAP. There is no more anonymous usage and the print and copy corporate policy rules are enforced automatically to ensure volume printing, color vs B&W and duplex printing are used appropriately. Soft and hard quotas are even available at individual, groups and OU levels to help control running cost budgets. 

The advanced Celiveo Track-Green Saver portal running on the corporate IIS server allows users and managers to get a precise and friendly view on their personal and their department usage, including special reports about Green IT, cost and CO² savings.