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Why SecureJet Express?

Free access to Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) can become very costly. Users print documents accidentally, forget to collect print jobs, re-print documents and accidentally take other employees' print jobs. Moreover, print jobs containing confidential information are likely to be exposed on the printer output tray. SecureJet Express secures document output, reduces printing costs and has been designed to meet small and medium business requirements. SecureJet can run serverless since the authentication, print jobs decryption and tracking solution modules run inside each Celiveo enabled print device. A management PC is required for SecureJet Express pull-printing, user configuration, tracking, reporting.

SecureJet Express includes the following features:

  • MFP walk-up access control (PIN or proximity badge)
  • Push printing
  • Pull printing
  • Print job encryption
  • Print job retention inside the MFP HDD
  • Secure printing and “follow-me” pull printing (release from any enabled MFP)
  • Embedded tracking of print/copy/scan/email/fax activity
  • Powerful usage reporting software with drill-down and export capabilities
  • Easy and fast to install

How Will SecureJet Express Improve Printing?

Access Control

Secure any or all HP MFP functions: fax, e-mail, copy, print jobs, scan to folder, job tracking, etc. Ensuring only authorized users have access to print devices reduces costs and increases document output security.

Simple User Identification

Authenticate without typing long logins and passwords, increasing productivity and reducing time spent at the print device. Use the same ID badge employee’s use to access office buildings to authenticate at a SecureJet Express enabled print device.

Cost Efficient Printing

Eliminate misprints, reprints and uncollected print job and reduce printing costs by up to 30%. Secure release requires users to authenticate at a SecureJet Express enabled device prior to document release, which reduces the volume of unclaimed print jobs. Print jobs self-delete after designated time. Management can also define a cost per page and trackprinting activity. Having accurate data provides information necessary to further reduce printing costs.

Data Encryption

Encrypt print jobs from the PC to the MFP; protecting confidential data en route to the MFP. SecureJet Express uses AES secure encryption with random dynamic 128 bits key for each individual print jobs.Print jobs are decrypted instantaneously at the time they are produced by the MFP; there no intermediate storage of decrypted data.

Track and Audit Printing

Track the cost of printing, copying, faxing and email sending activities on MFPs.Consolidate tracking information, based on the supplied SQL-Express database.Dynamic reports using business object reporting technology provide accurate information on MFP usage and various usage costs.Track target printer address, user name, job ID, page counts, color, duplex, paper format, document name, document copies and job cost. SecureJet Express includes 10 reports that provide a complete and detailed picture on MFP usage: per function, per device and per user.

Quick and Easy to Install and Use

Setup secure printing environment in just a few minutes in a few easy steps:

  • Install Celiveo Express software on a PC
  • Install USB badge readers on MFPs if applicable
  • Create a printer and user list
  • Click to load the solution and the users list onto the MFPs
  • Access to MFP functions instantly protected with a PIN or badge control
  • Users print through the shared pull print queue, in push or pull printing mode

SecureJet Express on HP printers/MFPs

The following is the list of printers, MFPs, copiers and OS currently supported by SecureJet Express 7

HP Accreditate Solution Partner


LJ M5061 LJ 700 M725 MFP
LJ 500MFP M525 LJ Color M750 
LJ500 Color SFP M5512 LJ 700 Color MFP M775
LJ Color M552dn  LJ M806 
LJ Color M553n/M553dn/x LJ M830 MFP
LJ500 Color MFP 575 LJ M855 MFP
LJ600 SFP M6012 LJ M880 MFP
LJ600 SFP M602 LJ M3035 MFP
LJ600 SFP M603 LJ CM3530 MFP
LJ M604n/dn  LJ M4345 MFP
LJ M605 LJ CM4540 MFP
LJ M606dn/x LJ M4555 MFP
LJ Color MFP M651 LJ M5035 MFP
LJ Color MFP M680  LJ CM6040 MFP
LJ 700 M712 LJ M9040/9050 MFP

1.LaserJet M506dn/M506dh/M506x models require the B5L28A option from HP to embed the reader in the HIP pocket

2.External keypad required

Pull Print Service and Reporting software

Operating System:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 32 bits
  • Windows 7 64 bits
  • Windows Vista 32 bits
  • Windows Vista 64 bits
  • Windows Server 2003 32 bits
  • Windows Server 2003 64 bits
  • Windows Server 2008 32 bits/64 bits
  • Windows Server 2012 64 bits
  • Citrix Terminal Server
  • Windows Terminal Server