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Impact of printing: to our security, budget and planet
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Celiveo 365: extension to Universal Print with Pull Print, PIN/Card Access control, rules, tracking

  Celiveo has announced the 29th of July 2022 the general availability of Celiveo 365, a plug-in service adding advanced capabilities to Universal Print. Universal Print is definitely a great evolution, it makes printing easier and compatible with the rise of virtual desktops such as Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktops. Microsoft has delivered an awesome technology that is shaking a very sleepy industry. When we reviewed Universal Print we found out there is way to complement it by extending cyber-security to the documents, not just...

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Welcome to Universal Print by Microsoft

The future of corporate documents management is in the Public Cloud and Universal Print by Microsoft is definitely a game changer in 2021. Universal Print by Microsoft will most probably disrupt the print management business by offering deep integration into Windows, high security and simplified usage at a low cost, and therefore threatens a significant number of "me-too" solutions that have bet on the idea that paperless office may never happen. Such solutions often capitalized on their high-quality, heavy, features-rich Windows/Linux...

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2021: Printing in&out of the office, the Smoke and the Cloud

How a global and terrible pandemic impacted one of the slowest industries but created a unique opportunity for a radical change in 2021 thanks to the CloudWhat high-tech industry has had no significant consolidation for the past 20 years, and besides speed and size, no significant change? Not many, and office printing is one of them. There are as many vendors as 20 years ago and the last consolidations were the purchase of Samsung Printing division by HP in 2017 and the merging of Konica and Minolta in 2003. Then Xerox tried the hostile...

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Celiveo 8, the advanced ZeroServer and Cloud-Ready Print Management Solution

Singapore, February 26th, 2018 – Celiveo, the leading provider of ZeroServer™ enterprise-class print management solution, today announced Celiveo 8 version 2018, a scalable, resilient and Enterprise-Class document management solution for print fleets between 1 and 100,000 printers.With Celiveo 8 version 2018, we continue to innovate and set a new standard in term of print fleet management, MFP and printers security and cost reduction, especially when server related to printing can cost up to ten time more than printing itsel Jean-François...

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Sensitive Public Sector Information Still Vulnerable at Printers and MFPs

Public Sector entities put enormous effort into protecting confidential and secret information from unauthorized access. Sophisticated methods have been developed to stop sensitive information being copied over the network, uploaded to the cloud or copied to a USB stick. But there is still one ‘low tech’ storage medium that time and again proves to be the Networks weakest link, paper and printers.Sensitive and confidential information on paper is the same as sensitive information on computers. Both need to be protected from unauthorized...

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Sometimes it isn’t just an ‘off the shelf’ print solution.

A major 630 bed teaching Hospital, with an emphasis in Cardiac and Respiratory Medicine, was progressing towards wireless infrastructure and tablet-based applications. To take advantage of greater mobility, a Mobile Clinical app was developed inhouse to enable Clinicians to prescribe and print pharmaceutical prescriptions as they move about the hospital. Government regulation required pharmaceutical prescriptions to be printed on special paper. What that meant was the Clinician, being anywhere in the hospital, would need to find a printer...

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Serverless, High Availability and Pull Printing

Back in 2012 Celiveo received a call from a printer vendor telling them:A large multinational company who has many, any sites, wants a MFP access control and pull print solution that does not rely on any server, fully works even if WAN connections are down and by the way it must ensure nobody prints emails in color... The size of the project? Well, around 9000 printers and MFPs used in 9 countries in Europe and Latin America, over around 980 sites. For such a deal you can imagine all printer vendors and integrator were on the starting line,...

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Green IT: environmental facts about printing

We can read everything and its opposite on the Internet on Green-IT, and are often asked for trusted sources of information on the true environmental cost of printing.

Total cost of pollution can be split in paper, printer hardware and supplies (toner, maintenance, energy).
Here we are going to list and document the cost to environment when more printers are used than necessary.

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