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Vertical Markets


While new technology has improved the quality of care, it has created a growing concern for the security of printed protected health information(PHI). Unsecured printing creates a very real risk and adds to unneccesary costs as providers continue to focus on affordabililty. Celiveo Enterprise secures printed PHI for HIPAA and HITECH compliance, enhances mobility, simplifies virtual desktop printing, and saves clinician time while lowering printing costs.

Bank & Financial Services

Financial organizations have ample information requiring a high level of security when it is printed, often have hundreds of branches where the print infrastructure is costly, difficult to control and needs to be always up and running. Celiveo Enterprise is a document output solution capable of controlling printers/MFPs access in HQ and branches, removing all print-related servers, implementing print and copy High Availability, reducing printing costs, tracking and securing document output.

Public Sector

The public sector is heavily relying on paper for daily duties. Whether that's documents being printed, copies or scanned ,(too) many printers are used and it becomes more and more difficult to control both their TCO and information confidentiality. Celiveo implements the right security, from PIN or badges to strong PKI smartcards, remove print servers, implement pull printing and rules based printing while controling precisely the printers and MFP usage cost and reducing it with proactive rules.


ERPs such as SAP increase productivity, efficiency and ensure all departments are using current data. While overall efficiency increases, printing can become more complex and frustrating. Celiveo Enterprise secures SAP network printing, implements pull printing, removes location awareness issues, and accurately tracks and reports on output device activity.


There are many demands manufacturers are expected to meet. Deadlines, shipments, inventory, increasing profit margins and managing daily tasks that keep a company running smoothly, means there is little to no room for error. Since manufacturers seldom have a forgiving schedule, it is crucial that every implemented solution adds value to the company's productivity. Celiveo Enterprise increases productivity by eliminating time wasted on needless or dificult printing, reducing printing costs, reducing the need for excessive IT support and enhancing printing mobility for your workforce.


Oil & Gas companies handle and print information that is worth billions of $, and need on printers and MFPs the same high security authentication that is mandatory on PCs. The print infrastructure can also become very costly on remote production sites, whether that's on an off-shore platform or in the desert. The Celiveo Oil & Gas connector provides strong proximity badge and PKI Smartcards on printers, MFPs and LFPs, print jobs encryption, serverless printing, intelligent print rules and full VDI support.