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What is the Celiveo Print–ERP for SAP Connector?

SAP is the world's leading provider of business software. More than 12 million users work with SAP solutions every day and there are 140,000 SAP installations worldwide. But despite its widespread use, SAP does not provide effective printing capability. In fact, printing from SAP is cumbersome and costly, owing to a number of technical and operational limitations, including:

  • No automatic print confirmation – Users have to expend time and effort contacting the recipient to verify that all pages of the print have safely arrived
  • Costly configuration management - Manual configuration of the ERP is required whenever print devices are added or moved, forcing up operational support costs and impacting productivity
  • No secure delivery of documents - Print jobs are sent to devices and automatically printed, often leading to pages mix-up or loss at shared printers. Users read the pages released by the printer to verify if they own them.

The Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP BC-XOM Connector is a unique solution that seamlessly integrates deep into SAP systems, transforming cumbersome printing management processes into secure, cost-efficient, productivity gain.

SAP printing solution with Secure Printing, cost reduction, print tracking and reporting, badge release

Benefits of the Celiveo Print - ERP/SAP Connector

Here are just some of the benefits that the Celiveo Print - ERP/SAP Connector brings to SAP business users:

  • Dramatically lower printer deployment costs - The Connector uses one unique print queue for all printers, across all SAP modules – so there is no costly reconfiguration of the ERP required when the printer fleet is added to or changed in any way
  • Ensure documents are not lost or taken by unauthorized users - Celiveo keeps the print jobs until their owner authenticates on the printer to release them. Obsolete jobs self-delete and print delegation is also possible
  • Know when documents have been printed – Celiveo displays accurate and current print job status inside SAP Output Controller. Users know if a print job is still pending for release, has self-deleted or has been released, including the job details such as actual number of pages output by the printer and the user who released it.
  • Manage costs and usage more efficiently – Job accounting, tracking and charge-back enable greater transparency of use and proper apportioning of print costs and budgets across departments and users

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In the tabs above, take a look at our Further Benefits section for more detail on how the Celiveo Print - ERP/SAP Connector turns cumbersome SAP printing into efficient, secure, user-friendly working.

Why is the Celiveo Print - ERP for SAP BC-XOM Connector the most compelling choice for SAP clients print management?

The SAP integration that the Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP Connector provides adds critical value to printing management processes for SAP users.

The Celiveo Print - ERP/SAP Connector simplifies the deployment and configuration of printers and print queues, via secure pull printing that operates from a single print queue within the SAP spooler. Adding or moving printers no longer requires costly reconfiguration.

It also automatically provides confirmed delivery notification to the user, even when a document has been printed to a remote site. Previously, that user would have had to expend time and effort contacting the recipient to verify that all pages of the print had safely arrived.

Job accounting, tracking and charge-back features also enable even the largest and most complex SAP user organisations to understand print usage and account for it accurately across individuals, departments and divisions.

What other business benefits does Celiveo BC-XOM interface for SAP deliver?

The core benefits of Celiveo also ensure:

  • Disconnect printers management from SAP print queues configuration
  • Greater employee productivity, thanks to enhanced user mobility and ease of use
  • Reduced business and operational risk, via enhanced security, confidentiality and data protection

Easy printers management

You just need one global print queue and one device type in SAP, used by all modules, all users. That print queue is managed by the Celiveo Print-ERP for SAP BC-XOM connector. Jobs are then encrypted and stored in the Celiveo Enteprise Secure Storage, fully encrypted. Printers don't communicate directly with SAP but with Celiveo and Celiveo provides automatically print jobs information back to the SAP Output Controller. It means that printers can be added, changed or removed without having to make any change in SAP. Printers management becomes easy, fast, and cheap.

User mobility and ease of use

No longer do users have to walk long distances to collect documents from the “right” printer. Instead, they print securely to whichever printer or output device is located most conveniently for them - whichever office or building they happen to be in, and whichever floor they happen to be on, at the time. This is user mobility at its most developed – instant productivity gain!

Security, confidentiality and data protection

The collecting user (or their securely delegated colleague) simply authenticates using a PIN, proximity badge, smart card, swipe card, or a combination of these methods, and securely retrieves the document from whichever printer is closest to them.

Secure printing eliminates security risks such as orphaned documents that collect on the printer output tray, print jobs initiated by unauthorized users, loss or leaking of highly confidential and sensitive information, and so forth. Only the user who has sent the print job to the printer – or a securely delegated colleague – can collect the documents from the printer. In addition, all print job data is fully PKI-encrypted, both in transit and at rest, so it cannot be compromised electronically.

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In the tabs above, take a look at our Overview section for some background information on how Celiveo Print-ERP/SAP Connector turns cumbersome SAP printing into efficient, secure, user-friendly working.