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What is the Celiveo Enterprise FSI Connector for Financial Service and Insurance?

There are few industries in which the requirement for information security is as stringent as in the financial sector – and the penalties for failing to comply can be massive.

But the challenges of secure printing in a Financial Services environment go way beyond simply protecting information – they are also about being able to work across multiple locations, branches and devices.
This can raise some serious operational issues. Print servers, the traditional backbone of multi-location printing, often prove too expensive to maintain in some operational locations - and in others when they fail nobody can print use printers and MFPs.

Security and traceability of information, especially on paper, is often a legal requirement. In example documents produced by Merging and Acquisitions teams should never be seen by traders.

Celiveo Enterprise combined with the Celiveo Print-FSI (Financial Service and Insurance) connector is the ultimate print solution for the needs of financial sector users where confidential information is printed and print infrastructure is deployed across many branches. It enables you to remove all print servers from your business - while securing and controling printing, scan and copying, across all your branches and locations.

Benefits of Celiveo Enterprise + Print-FSI Connector

Here are just some of the benefits that the Celiveo Print-FSI Connector brings to Financial Services users:

  • Eliminate spending on compatibility issues and print servers - Celiveo can make your printing totally serverless, enabling efficient printing management even in locations where it is impossible or too costly to install print servers. Server-based or combined server/serverless deployments are also possible (see our serverless datasheet here). All variants work seamlessly with all industry-leading printing platforms.
  • Protect the business from breaches of confidentiality – The Celiveo FSI Connector enables the automatic deletion of unclaimed documents after a predefined delay. Forgotten print jobs are no longer a confidentiality breach waiting to happen! The Connector also ensures that print jobs are tracked and secured by PKI encryption and strong user authentication – so sensitive financial information can be collected and read only by those who have a right (and need) to see it.
  • Provide a resilient print and copy infrastucture – The Celiveo FSI Connector enables supported copiers to always be available, with proper badge or PIN authentication, tracking and rules enforcement, even if the local or corporate network are completely unreachable. Printing is possible even if the WAN, SQL or ActiveDirectory are unreachable. This Always-On infrastructure allows banks employees working in remote branches to use copiers and printers even when there is a major communication or IT disaster.
  • Enable more efficient working – No more time is wasted searching networks for the “right” printer to connect to, or collecting paper from a distant device – documents are sent securely through a single print queue to the printer where the user requests his pages.
  • Control budgets – Printing is accessible only to authorized users, ensuring that costs are kept as low possible
  • Slash IT costs and traffic - Serverless printing architecture minimizes the need for on-site servers, drastically reduces IT support overheads, increase the IT resilience and substantially lowers network traffic


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Take a look at our Further Benefits section for more detail about Celiveo Print-FSI Connector.

What makes Celiveo's FSI Connector the most compelling choice for Financial Services companies?

The Celiveo Print-FSI Connector provides full serverless pull printing, so it removes a huge cost and IT overhead from the organization, whilst still delivering document security and confidentiality across multi-branch and multi-location printing.

Celiveo then enables users to securely retain print jobs on their PC and to securely print to, and collect from, any Celiveo-enabled printer upon authentication - even in locations where a print server is impossible or too costly to deploy. For added flexibility, Celiveo can also combine server and serverless infrastructures, and is VMware- and Citrix-ready, enabling to easily print and manage print jobs in headquarters,large regional offices and small branches.

How does Celiveo deliver the highest standards of document security and confidentiality?

Celiveo Enterprise delivers on document security and confidentiality, too – it protects all print jobs using PKI encryption and requires users to strongly authenticate themselves before the documents are released to them. It also enables automatic self-deletion, to prevent the security risks associated with forgotten or dormant print jobs.

Celiveo strong authentication works with all Financial Services and Insurance businesses' existing corporate identification methods, including, amongst others, PIN, proximity badge, PKI smart card and swipe card.

However, Celiveo is also supremely flexible, and can combine authentication methods to accommodate multi-level user authority on a MFP. So, for example, smartcards, which offer stronger authentication, can be mandated for those users who need to print classified documents. Users who need to print standard office documents, on the other hand, could do so using just a proximity badge.

The FSI Connector supports the full range of strong badge authentication, including PKI contact smartcards, iClass, Mifare, DESfire, Legic and Dual Factor contactless badges.

In addition, Celiveo, by protecting access to confidential information, allows to conform to Financial Services security norms such as Sarbane Oxley.

Why else is the Celiveo Print-FSI Connector particularly suitable for branch use?

In addition to the fact that Celiveo Print-FSI Connector allows to remove all branch print servers, it is also highly suitable for branch use as it delivers full print features through its serverless Pull Printing, job accounting, rule-based printing and print quotas.

How does Celiveo help enforce the security policy of Financial Services businesses?

Celiveo ensures that only the person who is printing the document – or their securely delegated representative – can collect the document at the print device.
Mistaken or malicious miscollection of sensitive documents by non-authorized users or visitors – and the reputational damage that this can cause if that information then falls into the wrong hands - is simply no longer possible.

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Take a look at our Overview section, too. It enable you to understand more about some of the secure printing challenges in today's Financial Services environment – and how the Celiveo Print-FSI Connector fully addresses them.