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What is the Celiveo Enterprise Manufacturing Connector?

Manufacturing businesses know all about the pressures of productivity. Deadlines, shipments, inventory and high-volume processes are all in delicate balance and printing and copying is a mission-critical part of the process. Effective documents management and IT infrastructure TCO, too, are right at the top of the priority list. Yet according to industry analysts Gartner, and others, printing costs can amount to as much as 3% of turnover and are increasing fast, and documents output becomes a complex part of the IT strategy. As Computer Weekly put it, “Print is the last out of control area of cost in most companies” - and the cost and productivity issues caused by poor printing management can be substantial. They include, amongst others:
  • Wasted employee time – Employees often have to walk long distances (sometimes up- or downstairs, or even into different buildings) to collect documents from the “right” printer. Once they arrive at the printer, the documents may have been accidentally collected by someone else – meaning they have to start the entire process again.
  • High operating and wastage costs – Unauthorized users, with no budgetary accountability, can repeatedly waste money, paper, ink and toner at the touch of a button.
  • Lack of departmental accountability – Printing costs are not transparent, and cannot be properly attributed across different individuals and departments, turning budget management and forecasting into a guessing game
  • Costly underuse of devices – Each printer needs to be optimized to pay its way – but this is often impossible with multiple devices and multiple print queues.
  • Unsecure documents exchange from smartphones – BYOD or guest printing is a reality and ensuring documents can be printed safely from smartphones or tablets onthe corporate network printers without compromizing the network security is a real challenge.
  • Increased IT support overheads – Complex print networks and multiple print queues mean that users often have to call on IT support to add and delete printers, or print to alternative devices. SAP systems also bring their own printing complexity, being totally distinct from regular office printing, and often produce remote and uncontrolled printing.

Celiveo Enterprise completed by its Connector for Manufacturing is the only solution available in the market today that comprehensively addresses all these issues for manufacturing businesses.

Uniquely, it increases productivity by simultaneously eliminating time wasted on needless printing, reducing printing costs, decreasing IT support overheads and enabling users to print securely to whatever device and location is most efficient and convenient for them, both for office and SAP printing.

Unique Benefits of Celiveo for Manufacturing

Businesses Here are just some of the benefits that Celiveo enables manufacturers to bring to their business:

  • Make employees more productive – No more valuable (and costly) time spent struggling to connect to the “right” printer; no more travelling the length of the building to pick up one piece of paper; no more time spent chasing the whereabouts of highly confidential documents that have disappeared in the time it takes to walk to a distant device. The system allows users to simply authenticate at the nearest and most convenient printer to collect the documents.
  • Eliminate spending on compatibility issues and print servers - Celiveo solutions are available serverless, enabling efficient printing management even in locations where it is impossible or too costly to install print servers. Server-based or combined server/serverless deployments are also possible (see our serverless datasheet here). All variants work seamlessly with all industry-leading printing platforms.
  • Slash costs – Ensure that printing is accessible only to authorized, authenticated users who will use it with a sense of financial responsibility; dramatically reduce wastage.
  • Secure Guests and BYOD printing – Allow authorized users to print PDF and office documents from smartphones and tablets, whether they are visitors or employees, with full traceability and rules based printing.
  • Boost security and confidentiality - Strong user authentication means that only the person who has sent a document for print, or a securely delegated colleague, can collect that document. End-to-end encryption of print jobs means documents are secure both in transit and at rest.
  • Reduce IT support overheads – Printer configuration modifications are greatly simplified – little or no manual intervention is needed
  • Strengthen the audit trail – User names and authentication deliver traceability; every print job can be attributed to a single user and, therefore, to the department they are part of, enabling accurate cost recovery


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In the tabs above, take a look at our Further Benefits section for more detail on why Celiveo is the only printing solution available on the market that enables manufacturing busineses to boost security, enhance user productivity and keep printing costs low.

Why is Celiveo Enterprise the best choice for productivity gain and cost reduction in manufacturing?

The unique benefits of Celiveo for the manufacturing sector can be summarised in three critical deliverables for office, Unix/Linux and SAP printing:

  • User mobility and ease of use
  • Security, confidentiality and data protection
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Integration with SAP R/3

No other solution available on the market today delivers these combined benefits in a way that has a positively measurable influence on business productivity and cost management.

How does Celiveo deliver ease of use like no other solution?

No longer do users have to walk long distances to collect documents from the “right” printer. Instead, they print securely to whichever printer or output device is located most conveniently for them - whichever office or building they happen to be in, and whichever floor they happen to be on, at the time. This is user mobility at its most developed – instant productivity gain!

Celiveo can deliver this because, uniquely, it uses a single print queue, regardless of the device's physical location. Print jobs are securely stored in either a serverless or server-based environment (depending on the preferred configuration) and can be directed from their stored location to any print device on the network. Celiveo provides secure printing for Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unix, Linux, Mac users and for SAP systems through its unique direct BC-XOM multiplatform integration.

The collecting user (or their securely delegated colleague) simply authenticates using a PIN, proximity badge, smart card, barcode, swipe card, or a combination of these methods, and securely retrieves the document from whichever printer is closest to them.

How does Celiveo ensure unrivalled security, confidentiality, and data protection?

Celiveo strongly secure documents into the printing environment, meaning that documents can be PKI encrypted and the user must authenticate prior to retrieving their print jobs, using a PIN, proximity badge, smart card, swipe card, or a combination of these methods.

Secure printing eliminates security risks such as orphaned documents that collect on the printer output tray, print jobs initiated by unauthorized users, loss or leaking of highly confidential and sensitive information, and so forth. Only the user who has sent the print job to the printer – or a securely delegated colleague – can collect the documents from the printer.

Celiveo makes it possible to control access to company printers and MFPs (multi-function printers), so that only authorized users can print, copy, scan or fax. In addition, all print job data is fully encrypted, both in transit and at rest, so it cannot be compromised electronically.

How does Celiveo deliver comprehensive cost insight?

If a business has accurate reports on the activity of its print fleets, it can manage them better, reducing printing costs, lowering operational risk, and apportioning departmental print budgets more effectively.

Using Celiveo means that every single individual user must authenticate themselves – so the business can understand exactly who is printing what, from which department, to which device, and for which MFP functions.

This tracking capability gives manufacturing greater transparency of printing costs, and more accurate budgeting and forecasting data, than ever before

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In the tabs above, take a look at our Overview section for more background information on why Celiveo is the only printing solution available on the market that enables manufacturing busineses to boost security, enhance user productivity and keep printing costs low.