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What is the Celiveo Enterprise Oil & Gas Connector?

Oil & Gas has very specific technical requirements compared to other vertical industried, with off-shore and remote production sites where IT security management is primordial.

Most documents Oil & Gas uses and produce carry some level of confidentiality, from drilling data to production forecast, financial statements and pipeline inspection to contracts.

Some of that information is worth billion of dollars and should not be accessible to anybody, even to unauthorized insiders.

Due to the constraints and cost of IT in remote geographic areas, many Oil&Gas rely on servers at the HQ for most of the tasks, including documents processing and printing, challenges of printing and managing documents securely are often extreme.

They include:

  • Secure the wide format printers, heavily used to print maps, data mapping and graphs
  • Printing in a virtualized environment
  • High number of print servers and print queues
  • Cost and speed of WAN print flows
  • PKI Smartcard strong users authentication
  • Lack of security for emails sent from multifunction printers
  • High volumes of classified documents
  • Security requirements that span multiple national installations and satellite offices as the Energy industry is the most exposed to spying

Celiveo Enterprise with its unique Oil & Gas connector is the only solution to comprehensively address all these requirements, delivering secure printing and document output for even the most complex Energy sector requirements.

Unique benefits of Celiveo Enterprise with its Oil & Gas Connector

Here are just some of the benefits that Celiveo Enterprise brings to Energy industry:

  • Authorize users and their documents – Strong authentication, via PKI smart card, contactless card, or a combination of methods, forces every user to identify themselves both when they send documents for print, when they scan to their home network folder and when they retrieve documents from the printer.
  • Eliminate print servers - Celiveo solutions are available serverless, enabling efficient printing management even in locations where it is impossible or too costly to install print servers. Server-based or combined server/serverless deployments are also possible (see our serverless datasheet here). All variants work seamlessly with all industry-leading printing platforms and are both Citrix and VMware ready.
  • Work more efficiently and securely – Combining methods of authentication delivers multi-level document security, enabling certain users to print and retrieve certain classifications of documents but not others. As an example a contactless badge is appropriate to authenticate for a photocopy or print an unclassified document but a PKI smartcard should be required to scan to the user home network folder, send a secure email or print a highly classified memo. Administrative work can continue efficiently without endangering the integrity of more sensitive documents, Celiceo adapts the security level to the document classification level.
  • Focus security where it's most needed – Celiveo Enterprise Oil & Gas Connector secure the support for wide format printers.

  • The highest level of data encryption – Strong PKI encryption of print jobs data from client PCs to printer ensures that documents are kept secure both on each location's network and in transit between different devices, networks and locations. the possibility to encrypt documents using the public certificate and decrypt using the private certificate contained in a smartcard or USB token represents the highest level of print security available on the market. Outgoing Emails sent from MFPs can also be encrypted on the fly using the public certificate and SMIME protocol for full communication security.

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Why is Celiveo Enterprise the most compelling solution available?

Celiveo delivers a combination of secure printing and document output features that comprehensively address the Energy industry needs – PKI smart card authentication, state of the art document classification, wide format printers support, secure printing on wide format printers, PKI documents encryption and tracking.

In the Oil & Gas indutry, the stakes and IT complexity are simply too high to entrust printing architectures, MFPs and document security to systems that do not deliver in all these areas. The Celiveo Oil & Gas connector comprehensively addresses the risks associated with user authentication, printing and document output security, in a solution that is tailor-made for the needs of the Energy community.

Why is Celiveo capability uniquely suited to the Oil & Gas industry?

Celiveo Oil & Gas Connector uses “strong badge authentication” - an identity-based approach available in all the variants including:

  • PKI Gemalto, HID ActivIdentity and other high-security contact smartcards and USB tokens
  • iClass/Mifare/DESfire/Rijkspas/Legic Secure Sector support
  • Proximity and contact combo cards with uage of both features

Authentication means that only the person who has sent a document for print, or a securely delegated recipient, can collect that document. There is significant flexibility to combine authentication methods, so that different users can print and collect different classifications of documents, depending on their role, position, or security clearance.

How does Celiveo Enterprise manage the risk of printing on networks?

Celiveo Enterprise provides peer-to-peer AES+RSA encryption of print job data, with a unique random key for each print job. This ensures print job data is fully protected on the network, peer to peer as data is decrypted just before page rendering. The PKI Smartcard print jobs encryption and decryption goes one step further as the smartcard is physically required at the printer for the document to print, its PKI capabilties and certificates being used to decrypt the print job data.

Why is the Connector especially appropriate for classified documents in the Oil & Gas industry?

Classified documents are generated and processed by multiple users, departments and entities. Celiveo Oil& Gas Connector enables users to track the origin of documents by stamping a micro line of text or miniature 2D barcodes on every page, automatically. No other secure printing solution meets the needs of organisations such as int he Energy industry, where being able to trace the origins of a document is often as essential as being sure that it arrived securely with its intended recipient!

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