Oil & Gas connector

for energy companies

Connector adding special features needed by energy-related companies with remote sites

Strong security for documents

Energy companies produce highly
sensitive information about projects, production, procedures, that shall not be exposed to unauthorized people. All that information gets printed at some time and it is so vulnerable. The Celiveo Oil&Gas connector is a must-have to protect information, adding strong PKI user authentication and encryption to secure documents beyond the badge release commodity.

High Availability, ZeroServer

The Celiveo Oil&Gas connectors activates the ZeroServer technology, to remove many or all print servers throughout the company, provide High Availability so that even on remote oil or gas sites, IT failures do not stop users from copying or printing documents*, with a permanent strong authentication, print data encryption and complete usage traceability at all times.

*: for printing, the user PC must be able to contact the printer

Large format printers support

Oil&Gas is one of the industries that relies the most on large format printers, for well logs, satellite and aerial imagery, 3D data pictures and many more documents. Celiveo Oil&Gas connector extends strong authentication, cost control, pull print, document encryption and rules based printing to large format printers to control the security, cost and usage of those printers.

Oil & Gas has very specific technical requirements compared to other vertical industries, with off-shore and remote production sites where IT security management is primordial. Most documents Oil & Gas uses and produce carry some level of confidentiality, from drilling data to production forecast, financial statements and pipeline inspection to contracts.

Some of that information is worth billion of dollars and should not be accessible to anybody, especially to unauthorized insiders that have access to application and print servers for administration, service and maintenance.

Celiveo addresses comprehensively those requirements through its ZeroServer technology, strong PKI Smartcard authentication, high security PKI encryption of print jobs, secure pull printing and full tractability on printers and MFP usage.

PKI Smartcards Access Control, on top of proximity cards

PKI Smartcard authentication through certificates is a standard in the Oil&Gas industry to authenticate users on PC and network, often there is not even a password available to login. Celiveo Oil&Gas connector enables the PKI Smartcards dual factor authentication on MFPs and supports a number of PKI contact and contactless smartcards such as most .Net, Javacards, Gemalto and ActiveID cards. Contactless card authentication can also be available in parallel with smartcard authentication, to control access to low risk functions such as photocopy.

*: Other cards may be added upon technical investigation and non-recurring engineering

Secure print jobs data on the network, servers and PC

Print jobs are encrypted by AES+RSA key, decryption and release happens after user strong authentication and at the printer level – so that information can be collected and read only by those who have a right (and need) to see it. Print jobs are otherwise so easy to capture, replay and display!

Resilient print and copy infrastructure through High Availability

The Celiveo Public Sector Connector enables supported MFPs to always be available, with proper badge or PIN authentication, tracking and rules enforcement, even if the local or corporate network are completely unreachable. Printing is possible even if the WAN, SQL or ActiveDirectory are unreachable. This High Availability infrastructure allows remote sites employees working to use copiers and printers even when during most significant IT disasters.

Print Job Metadata stealth mode

When normal printing expose sensitive print jobs metadata at many steps, Celiveo encrypts all data so that even an IT department system engineer with super user rights cannot easily link print files to a specific user or visualize print jobs metadata. This reduces drastically the ability for an insider to spy and capture sensitive documents, even before being able to capture them.

Secure Pull Print, cost tracking on Large Format Printers

Oil&Gas sector make use a lot of large format printers for oil rig logs, maps, satellite and aerial photos. Those printers are now as fast as office printers but cost a lot more in media and ink. Celiveo provides user card authentication, secure pull printing to all large format printers, plus on some printer models, the most possibly accurate cost tracking and reporting with media surface and inks usage.

Vertical Industry Connector Features

Prices as of April, 1st, 2022

(1): Some PKI smartcard require charged custom development fees, contact us for more details

(2): Not all PKI smartcard allow Kerberos authentication or PKI encryption, contact us for more details

$ Prices are in EUR in Europe, Middle-East and Africa and in USD elsewhere

Celiveo products or components, software or hardware, are not intended for applications that controls nuclear energy.