Celiveo Print-Direct

Smart Direct IP Printing


Crush and monitor your print fleet TCO


Simplify printing and print drivers


Manage and streamline print fleets


Remove all print servers


All that for $66 per printer...

Celiveo Print-Direct main features

ZeroServer Direct IP Printing

With one single printer on their desktop, end-users can address all printers they are authorized to use, with proper driver and settings automatically applied free print fleet management

Manage Your Print Fleet

Right-size and monitor printers on your network, control usage accurately, manage and deploy easily printer drivers and settings to Windows PC users

Tracking, Smart Print Rules

Usage tracking and web portal provide accurate and detailed usage report.
Print rules control stop job, color, duplex and toner saving to enforce print policy

Celiveo Print-Direct helps the IT department

Discover printers from any brand on your network, decommission overnight all print servers, print application servers and print queues, at the most attractive price and ROI

Save up to 10 times the cost of printing by addressing the infrastructure cost, enforcing the print policy and making printing reliable


Simplify printers administration, drivers deployment, settings configuration and the life of end-user with Click & Print technology

End users select the printer to use from a floor map or a preferred printers list. Only local and authorized printers appear based on geo-tagging or IP address

There is a unique Celiveo Virtual Printer installed on the user PC, a smart printer that simplifies everything.
​There is no solution installed on the printers.

Applicable vendor driver, settings and rules are automatically applied to the Celiveo Virtual Printer

Users see the printer status on their Windows taskbar, benefit from all the printer vendor driver advanced features and can select one set of settings from a list*

*: Requires Celiveo Enterprise edition

Print jobs are sent directly to the target printer, printer usage is tracked* and available in web reports

*: Tracking accuracy depends from the printer capability, the highest level of accuracy requires Celiveo Business or Enterprise Edition on the printer or MFP.

Simple to use by end-users, works with any network printer from any brand and there is no central or local application server…*

Celiveo Print-Direct dramatically eases printing, from any Windows application

ZeroServer technology makes ​a big difference

To End-Users

  • Printing works even if the communication with the data-center or the corporate servers is failing, users can even freely swap between printers
  • Printing goes directly from client PC to the printer and does not depend on any server​: faster, safer, cheaper

To Administrators

  • No bottleneck, less LAN traffic, no single point of failure
  • No stress on Active Directory server
  • No application server to permanently monitor and scale
  • Global deployments are much easier and less risky

State of the Art Administration Web Portal

  • Active-Directory security and users classification
  • Printers discovery, rules & cost configuration wizard
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Unlimited number of printers with geo-tagging
  • Profiles to quickly configure a new printer
  • Delegation to local sub-administrators
  • Data-mining on printers fleet
  • Custom views and powerful filtering capability
  • Private Cloud-capable, with very fast UI
  • Backed by SQL Server and Active Directory
  • Usable without Active Directory, with SQL Express

Enterprise-Class Direct IP Printing

Celiveo Print Direct does all that and much more...
Migrates existing print server & print queues
Discovers network printers with printer details
Web administration portal with sub-delegation
Structures print fleet through powerful tagging
Unlimited number of users and printers*
Geo-positioning of printers on maps
Manage rights using OU, groups, IP range
Clone drivers and settings from PC/servers
Assign one or more driver+settings per printer
Define print rules to control cost, color, duplex, toner saving with active enforcement + popup
Define the pages cost per printer model
Self-sufficient virtual printer package for PCs
Automatic drivers/settings deployment
Automatic refresh of settings on client PCs
Web reports on usage and cost, per printer & user
Usage can be mixed with Celiveo Pull Printing
Works with any network printer from any brand
No local, no central Celiveo server, always on
Included in Celiveo Business and Enterprise

*: Celiveo Print-Direct is licensed per printer

Celiveo Print-Direct represents the most advanced solution to manage and right-size print fleets in Enterprise environment, while providing end-users the most user friendly solution to print. Nothing to install
on the printers, Celiveo Print-Direct works with any network printer and makes supporting a mixed fleet a breeze.

The Celiveo Print-Direct license is free for up to 10 printers
Otherwise a perpetual Celiveo Print Direct license only costs US$66 per printer.

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