Public Sector connector

Connector adding special features needed by public administrations

Strong security for documents

Government and local agencies process confidential and sensitive information about citizens, projects, procedures, that shall not be exposed to unauthorized people. All that information gets printed at some time and it is so vulnerable. The Celiveo Public Sector connector is a must-have to protect information, adding strong PKI user authentication and encryption to comply with regulation.

Print fleet reduction, cost control

All public sector agencies do their best to reduce their operating cost. As less-paper is growing quickly thanks to e-filing, print fleets and print infrastructure permanently need to be right-sized to adjust to the current needs. Celiveo makes the printers and MFPs monitoring and re-deploying easy, helping the IT and the end-users to maximize the benefits of MFPs and the lowest TCO.

Large format printers support

It is now possible to print an A0 color poster in a few seconds, large format printing is growing very rapidly thanks to such print speed. Power grid maps, urban maps, posters and banners, satellite pictures and many documents that needs a large media are now produced in-house. Celiveo Public Sector connector extends cost control, pull print and document encryption to large format printers.

The public sector is the single most populous, extensive, high-risk area of confidential and sensitive information in existence. Everything from government confidential data, criminal records, to law-enforcement investigations, to citizen data, to the information that helps to protect our countries from attack is bound up in this critical ecosystem – yet we know that critical printed documents are frequently compromised in this sector, as in others. The fines imposed can run into the millions.

Celiveo greatly simplifies the challenges of printing and managing documents securely in Public Sector organizations.

PKI Smartcards Access Control, on top of proximity cards

PKI Smartcard authentication provides the most secure authentication method, thanks to certificates vs basic badge number. Celiveo Public Sector Connector enables the PKI Smartcards dual factor authentication on MFPs and supports a number of PKI contact and contactless smartcards such as PIV and DOD CAC. Other cards may be added upon investigation and non-recurring engineering.

Resilient print and copy infrastucture

The Celiveo Public Sector Connector enables supported MFPs to always be available, with proper badge or PIN authentication, tracking and rules enforcement, even if the local or corporate network are completely unreachable. Printing is possible even if the WAN, SQL or ActiveDirectory are unreachable. This High Availability infrastructure allows remote sites employees working to use copiers and printers even when during most significant IT disasters.

Comply with information confidentiality regulation

Print jobs are encrypted by AES+RSA key, decryption and release happens after user strong authentication and at the printer level – so that information can be collected and read only by those who have a right (and need) to see it. Print jobs are otherwise so easy to capture, replay and display!

Secure Pull Print, cost tracking of Large Format Printers

Public Sector make use a lot of large format printers for energy grids, satellite pictures, mapping, land records, construction and engineering, 3D visualisation and urban planning. Those printers are now as fast as office printers but can be costly in media and ink. Celiveo provides secure pull printing to all large format printers, plus the most possibly accurate cost tracking and reporting with media surface and inks usage on some advanced printer models.

Print Job Metadata stealth mode

When normal printing expose sensitive print jobs metadata at many steps, Celiveo encrypts all data so that even an IT department system engineer with super user rights cannot easily link print files to a specific user or visualize print jobs metadata. This reduces drastically the ability for an insider to spy and capture sensitive documents, even before being able to capture them.

Vertical Industry Connector Features

Prices as of April, 1st, 2022

(1): Some PKI smartcard require charged custom development fees, contact us for more details

(2): Not all PKI smartcard allow Kerberos authentication or PKI encryption, contact us for more details

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