Better manage your Printers, MFPs and Print jobs TCO and ROI Calculator

This calculator allows to estimate the Total Cost of Ownership of your print infrastructure, including the servers used to host print servers and print management applications (pull print, direct IP printing etc), then the Return On Investment when deploying a ZeroServer solution such as Celiveo that removes most or all print servers, benefit from High Availability at the printers and MFPs level, right-size the printers fleet and reduce significantly the print volume and cost. You can change all the parameters using the mouse (fast) and keyboard right/left cursor key (to fine tune values) and see right away the result on the right side.

TCO and ROI Calculator

Potential Savings

Potential savings with an advanced ZeroServer Print Management solution such as Celiveo Enterprise that removes print and print application servers, provides High Availability to printers and MFPs. Purchased license with 3 years support and maintenance service with minor and major updates, at an estimated cost of 45% for 3 years.

Cost formula

Print Infrastructure Monthly TCO

((Number of print servers + print solution servers) * TCO of server) + (Number of IT incidents on printers * cost of such incidents) + (monthly cost per printer * number of printers) + (Number of server print queues * $50)

Savings formulas

Printing-related servers removal -((Number of print servers+Number of print solution servers)*TCO of server*36 months)
Server Print Queues removal -(Number of server print queues*$50*36 months)
Print volume/fleet reduction -(Number of printers*Average monthly print cost*36 months*Cost reduction expectation/100)
Benefits of High Availability -(Printers affected by IT incidents*Cost of printer outage*36 months)
Print Management Solution cost Number of printers*Cost of print solution*1.45 (45% for 3 years support and minor/major updates)
Potential savings over 3 years ((Print servers+Print solution servers)*monthly TCO per server*36 months)+(Number of print queues*$50*36 months)+(Monthly number of IT outage on printers*Cost of such outage*36)+(Number of printers*Monthly cost of printer*36 months*Expected print cost reduction/100)-(Number of printers*Cost of print solutions*1.45)


The TCO and ROI information calculated from this page are based on most commonly found cases and for information only, they do not represent any contractual commitment.

Any accurate TCO and ROI calculation is specific to each case and requires a complete audit of the IT and print management contracts and cannot be replaced by this calculator.