Celiveo for Chrome Enterprise

Cyber-Secure Pull-Print

Zero-Trust-Access Security, start-to-end

Celiveo for Chrome Enterprise

Key features


Pull Print from Chrome Enterprise

The first Pull Print solution for Chrome Enterprise with Google Zero Trust Access for total security, uses no login/password or key

Corporate and BYOD mobile printing

Documents can be safely sent from BYOD & corporate mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, PC, and safely released on corporate printers

Users print the way they want, from where they are

Chrome Enterprise laptops and tablets

Print from Chromebooks equipped with the Celiveo Secure Documents print provider extension. Your identity is automatically verified through the Chrome Enterprise Zero Trust architecture, no need to enter any credential or use any secret key. Your print jobs then follow you to any of your corporate printers equipped with Celiveo, where you can authenticate with card, PIN code or network credentials to list and release them.

From smartphones and tablets

Documents can be emailed from any mobile device to a predefined corporate e-mail address, documents are filtered and processed by Celiveo. Those documents then follow you to any of your corporate printers equipped with Celiveo, where you can authenticate with card, PIN code or network credentials to list and release them.

Printing on the road becomes easy

  • On Chrome Enterprise notebook and tablets, just print documents using the “Celiveo Secure Documents” print provider
  • On non-Chrome Enterprise devices, email documents to print to the mobile print corporate email address
  • Your documents are processed and encrypted in the Cloud and are ready to be released on the company network printers
  • Reach any network printer in your company equipped with Celiveo, authenticate using your card or your PIN and your documents are listed, ready to be printed the way you want, duplex, monochrome or in multiple copies
  • Print jobs are tracked with full granularity and the related cost can be linked to the user OU or group for bill-back purpose
Celiveo Mobile Extension

Celiveo, the cyber-secure Pull Print Solution

Celiveo Zero Trust Access Print Security


Zero Trust Architecture plus Encryption

  • Documents leaving your smartphone, tablet or Chromebook are fully encrypted using TLS 1.2
  • The Celiveo Print Provider for Chrome Enterprise leverages from the Google Zero Trust Access to identify user and forward print jobs
  • Upon validation in the Cloud, documents are encrypted with a dynamic and random AES128-GCM key tied to the user who prints
  • The Celiveo Shared Print Queue running on your premise or in Celiveo 365 receives your documents from the Cloud using the Celiveo Zero Trust Access X509 architecture, no port open.
  • No print job or user information related to printing is kept in the Cloud by Celiveo or its Cloud partners (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)

High Quality, Elastic, Cost control solution


  • Unlike most print solutions Celiveo SaaS is not a set of VMs in the Cloud, but an Elastic Cloud Application using no OS, no VPN, it is much more robust, scalable and safe than VMs as no update or system reboot is ever needed
  • Celiveo for Chrome Enterprise uses native Microsoft and Google Chrome technology to convert Office documents in a format your printers can process, this guarantees the best possible fidelity to the original document
  • Users can activate print options at release time to output in monochrome, duplex or multi-copy to reduce cost
  • The powerful Celiveo print rules can help to enforce your print policies, they feature granularity to adapt to printer model and user profile based on document metadata and Active Directory user groups
  • Print jobs are tracked with high precision and cost, for optional bill back to ActiveDirectory groups and OU