How it works

Remove all Print Servers

(and all print-related servers)

Easy Mobile Printing

Enterprise-class BYOD printing

Prevent Document Leaks

Secure, control and trace documents

Strong User Authentication

MFP access control, Kerberos


Celiveo Enterprise provides MFP authentication, secure pull print, rules based printing and tracking in a revolutionary serverless operation


Celiveo for manufacturing redefines printing to increase productivity, secure information, remove all print servers and create significant cost reduction


The Celiveo Healthcare Connector simplifies printing in the highly mobile healthcare environment, with SSO, EMR, VMware or Citrix VDI support

Financial Services

The Celiveo Print-FSI Connector secures print jobs, controls scans &fax, removes all print servers and tracks usage with full High Availability

Public Sector

The Celiveo Public Sector Connector delivers strong PKI MFP authentication, secure pull printing and tracking for even the most sensitive information


The Celiveo Print- ERP/SAP Connector simplifies the deployment and usage of printers for SAP printing

Oil & Gas

The Celiveo Oil & Gas Connector allows to remove all print servers, simplify printing and features high security on printer, MFPs and LFP, large format printers