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Celiveo 8 for Intranet, Celiveo 365 pure Cloud SaaS


Celiveo for Chrome Enterprise - with Zero Trust Access Security


Celiveo for Intranet on-premise Print Management


Cyber-Secure Zero-Trust-Access architecture, certificates-based


Save up to 10 Times Your Printing Cost


Go Cloud Printing as a SaaS, stop all your Print Servers

Celiveo 365 for Microsoft 365


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Do You Know That Print Servers are Insecure and Cost Up To 10 x More Than Printing?

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Main Celiveo Features

Go Serverless

 Save up to 10 times the cost of printing ​thanks to Celiveo ZeroServer Edge Computing technology. Celiveo 365 is a pure Cloud Printing SaaS and Celiveo for Intranet allows you to ​keep print servers or, at your own pace, benefit progressively from ZeroServer and move print to the Cloud.

High Availability

Reduce drastically the TCO of printers and MFPs, lower the priority of printer-related IT support, work with the Cloud to increase the end-users productivity and overall satisfaction thanks to the Celiveo High Availability feature

Manage Print Fleets

Adapt your fleet and monitor printers and MFP on your network, apply rules, pull print, control & accurately bill back ​ their usage across multiple domains and OU with billback and Green-IT reports

Secure Print Jobs

Zero-Trust-Access architecture, Pull Printing end-to-end encryption, strong user authentication and print rules to ensure only authorized users access printers and MFPs, and that print jobs can’t be hacked, even by insiders from IT.

Remove all Printing-Related Servers

From on-premise solution to pure SaaS

Print and Print Application servers cost on average US$500 per month, up to 10 times more than printing! Change that with Celiveo 365 pure Cloud SaaS subscription or the Celiveo ZeroServer Edge Computing technology for on-premise licenses.

1 server: $500 per month

Hardware, energy, management, backups, OS, storage, LAN traffic…

They are bottlenecks

Print jobs traffic is heavy, going through servers doubles it

& A single point of failure

Try to switch off all servers needed
​by your print solution…

Protect your Print Jobs, Printers & MFPs

Important Information Is Often Printed

  • Unattended documents are hijacked on printers output trays
  • Print job names are visible to everyone using shared print queues
  • With a click by IT, all print jobs are archived by Windows print servers
  • All stuck documents are released as soon as a failing printer is repaired
  • IT can see, archive, intercept, view and reprint any print jobs from any user
  • Unauthorized people can use MFPs to send data out if those are unlocked

Celiveo Secures MFPs and Documents

  • Zero-Trust-Access Architecture to secure documents, printers, data
  • MFP & Printers Access Control
  • No more unattended printing
  • End-to-end Encryption, advanced stealth mode to comply with GDPR regulation
  • Strong User Authentication
  • PIN code, Badge, barcode
  • PKI Smartcard
  • Advanced Audit and Reporting

Control Your Printers and MFPs


Know all printers on your network


Help users and reduce IT support


Control how much they cost

Celiveo puts you in full control of your printers


Fleet Discovery


Rights & Policies

Cloud & SaaS Ready

Audit & Reporting

Direct IP Printing

Drivers Library

Admin Delegation

High Availability

Celiveo is IT and budget friendly

Any brand, any printer

Print solutions should be printer-agnostic and ideally purchased separately from printers. With Celiveo you are free to migrate ​from one brand to the other without having to pay again for the license*.

*: Special hardware adapter may have to be purchased on MFPs

Flexible licenses

Celiveo 365 SaaS is licensed per floating user, Celiveo is licensed per printer . Most existing card readers can be reused when migrating from other solutions and competitive upgrades offers are available.

Protects your investment

Celiveo 365 SaaS includes service, support and new permanent features updates. Celiveo for Intranet support contract gives you all new versions, minor and major. Celiveo also supports leading card readers so that you don’t have to pay for them again.

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