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Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing

Secure Confidential Information

Printing is one of the most common methods for transmitting sensitive information. The “paperless office” is a myth that has never fully materialized and printing has remained a source of high costs, waste, and security risks. Some of pitfalls of printing confidential information include:

  • Print jobs can easily be intercepted on the network and displayed on another computer screen.
  • Print jobs flowing through a Windows print server can be archived instead of being deleted. This means an IT administrator can view all print jobs by accessing archived spool files.
  • Print job data can easily be altered en route to the printer. Information is clearly visible in bytes sent to the printer and is relatively easy to modify.
  • Shared print devices make it possible for confidential documents to end up in the wrong location, in the wrong hands or in wastepaper baskets.

Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing addresses security risks associated with printing by protecting print jobs before and after they reach the print device.

Protecting Print Jobs En Route to the Printer

Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing secures print jobs en route to the print device through encryption. Encryption is performed on the client PC or in a shared print queue before any spooling or decryption takes place inside the printer.

Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing offers AES encryption: AES encryption encrypt print job data with a sophisticated AES + RSA PKI system, where each client generates its own pair of keys for a high level of security. AES encryption makes it impossible to view the document if it is intercepted.

There are 2 PKI print jobs encryptions, one with pair of keys on PC/printer and one with pair of keys on PKI smartcard.

Protecting Print Jobs At Rest

When Celiveo Enterprise Authentication is combined with Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing, companies benefit from print job retention:

Print job retention requires document owners to authenticate at a Celiveo enabled print device before documents are printed. As a result, documents are no longer lost, forgotten or duplicated and all documents are protected from unauthorized recipients.

Benefits of Celiveo Enterprise Authentication and Celiveo Enterprise Secure Printing include:

  • Print jobs can be retained on the printer hard drive (secure push printing) or on the print server hard drive (pull printing).
  • It is also possible to perform serverless pull printing. Retain print jobs on client PCs for setup when print servers are not used. Celiveo Enterprise can also combine client PCs and server-based retention,
    with failover and a highlevel of disaster resilience.
  • Time limits for print jobs can be set so unclaimed documents are automatically deleted once the limit is reached. This ensures sensitive documents are only available for printing for a limited time.