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Tracking and Reporting

Celiveo Track-GreenSaver

Track Usage, bill back usage and Keep Cost Under Control

Irresponsible usage of printers and MFPs puts a strain on your company’s budget

Celiveo can eliminate wasted printing and reduce printing budget by up to 25% or more

Track actual cost

Bill back to OU and groups

Automatic reports


Inform end-users on print cost

Celiveo Track-GreenSaver (TGS) collects print, copy and scan information gathered from Celiveo inside the printers and MFPs or by analyzing print jobs content.
Right-size your print fleet using automatic usage reports, understand the actual usage of each printer/MFP, help end-users adapt their printing based on actual cost using more than 100 built-in reports with data-mining capability.

All cost are linked to OU and groups, that allows easy bill-back of print and copy cost. Inform users about their usage quota whenever they print or copy, for them to act responsibly. It is not about stopping users but about educating, informing.

Metadata* collected from printers

Ultra-Precise Tracking on printers equipped with Celiveo:

Every time the printer finishes copying, emailing, faxing, or scanning a document, Celiveo collects information about the job and stores it directly and safely into the SQL database, without needing any server or PC in the middle.
This secure and direct technology offers unmatched performance, confidentiality and accuracy.

Collected metadata:

User name, User domain, User Group, User Organization Unit, Workstation Name, Server Name, Printer Name, Printer tags for group allocation.

Time/Date of Printing, Document Title, Document Type (print, copy, scan, fax), Page Count, Copy Count, Page Size, Print Job Size, Black & White Output, Color Output, Duplex, Toner saving mode.

* Not all printers or printer drivers report the full information about documents output or user domain.
Please contact Celiveo for more details based on your actual or future printer fleet.

Detailed Cost Information

The administrator defines cost profiles, considering parameters such as color, duplex, paper format and printers technologies. Multiple profiles can be defined so that each printer or printer model reflects its exact usage cost.

Advanced Reporting capabilities

The collected data is accessed and analyzed using a server-based web application. It features more than 100 reports that use both text and graphics to illustrate the precise amount that your organization is spending on printing and where and when this money is being spend.
  • Monitor all printers and MFP usage with over 100 detailed pre-made web-based reports, statements, and graphs that allow you to see who is using the devices, document details and the cost of that usage.
  • Bill back department budgets or just examine overall print traffic and budgets.
  • You can plan and execute your budget needs and flow data with ease and precision. Set it all to automatic with a built-in scheduler that will build reports, send reports and graphs via email or saved to a share on the server.

Using Power BI for Tracking





Celiveo is compatible with Power BI, a powerful set of software services, apps, and connectors that creates coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

  • Compatible with the Celiveo database
  • Advanced and entirely customizable reports
  • Reports accessible to all employees via Teams
  • License included with Microsoft 365
  • Possibility to connect with other metrics from the company
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