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What is the Celiveo for Healthcare Connector?

The Healthcare sector generates and manages massive amounts of highly sensitive, personal, and protected information. Mismanagement of this information can result in huge legal costs to Healthcare providers – in 2013, for example, one New York-based company had to pay out $1.2 million after a copier containing patient information was compromised.

Whether it's an electronic document in a print queue, or hardcopy output at a printing device, the security of patient information in the Healthcare sector is paramount. But combining document security and confidentiality with the efficiency of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the ease of use of SSO (single sign-on), and integration to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software can be a huge challenge.

Celiveo Enterprise combined with the Celiveo Healthcare Connector is a secure printing and document output solution addressing the specific document output management concerns of hospitals and clinics. It is also VMware-Ready and Citrix-Ready for direct integration in the hospital VDI architecture. The Celiveo Healthcare connector interfaces with SSO and EMR solutions, including Cerner, Epic, Imprivata OneSign, Caradigm, Healthcast – and others. It comprehensively protects patient data by encrypting it in the print queue and allowing users to collect documents at the nearest printer by tapping their badge, entering a PIN or using their PKI smartcard.

Here are just some of the benefits that the Celiveo Healthcare connectors enables Healthcare managers to bring to their business:

  • Print easily – Celiveo adds one virtual print queue on the VDI client desktop and print jobs can be released from any Celiveo-enabled printer on the network upon badge authentication.
  • Protect patient information from breaches of confidentiality – The Celiveo Healthcare Connector enables the automatic deletion of unclaimed documents after a predefined delay, before decryption takes place. Forgotten print jobs are no longer a confidentiality breach waiting to happen! The Connector also ensures that print jobs are secured by PKI encryption and strong user authentication – so sensitive patient information can be collected and read only by those who have a right (and need) to see it.
  • Boost HIPAA compliance - Add powerful document output security to the existing HIPAA framework
  • Eliminate spending on compatibility issues and print servers - Celiveo solutions are also availableserverless, enabling efficient printing management even in locations where it is impossible or too costly to install print servers. Server-based or combined server/serverless deployments are also possible (see our serverless datasheet here). All variants work seamlessly with all industry-leading printing platforms.
  • Make clinicians and management more efficient – No more valuable (and costly) time spent struggling to connect to the “right” printer; no more travelling the length of the building to pick up one piece of paper; no more time spent chasing the whereabouts of highly confidential documents that have disappeared in the time it takes to walk to a distant device. Users can simply print securely to whichever device is closest and most convenient.
  • Slash printing costs – Ensure that printing is accessible only to authorised users who will use it with a sense of financial responsibility; reduce wastage.

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More on the Benefits of the Celiveo Healthcare Connector

Why is the Celiveo Healthcare Connector the most compelling choice for Healthcare users?

The Celiveo Healthcare Connector makes it easy for Healthcare businesses to integrate secure printing and document output with a  VMware or Citrix VDI, SSO and EMR applications – and in a way that is highly convenient for every user.
The Celiveo Healthcare Connector validates users through devices’ local ID lists, directly through LDAP/AD, or through the corporate SSO application. It enables users to easily print from every integrated application that they use, but ensures that sensitive patient information is protected both in the print queue (by encryption) and upon collection (by strong user authentication).

The Connector requires the user's authentication prior to their accessing any of the device functions. Misprints, duplicates, uncollected print jobs – and the attendant legal and reputational risks - are, quite simply, eliminated.

What other benefits does the Celiveo Healthcare Connector deliver?

The Celiveo Healthcare Connector also delivers many other benefits to Healthcare users, including:

  • Increased user mobility and productivity
    Celiveo uses just one print queue for all printers, so clinicians and other users no longer need to know the name or IP address of the printer closest to them, or spend valuable clinical time working out how to connect to it. They can simply print from anywhere and collect their documents from whichever location they judge to be most convenient and secure – a real efficiency gain.
  • Improved clinician communication
    Celiveo eliminates the need for clinicians and other users to spend time locating colleagues and physically handing off printed PHI. This is because it enables users to securely delegate print jobs to another user – sending the documents directly, but securely, to their intended recipient.
  • Enhanced document security, confidentiality and patient protection
    Secure enough to meet – and exceed – the international Healthcare industry's exacting HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards, Celiveo prevents valuable Protected Health Information (PHI) from being intercepted by persons who may potentially misuse or mismanage confidential information.

    Celiveo also protects the confidentiality of patient records. It does this in two ways: through the use of device authentication, encryption and secure document release, and through fully audited print data that enables Healthcare providers to determine who collected PHI, what was collected, when, and where.

    With Celiveo, the only time the user who is printing PHI is not the same user who collects the document at the printer is when they have delegated it for secure collection by another user.

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In the tabs above, take a look at our Celiveo Overview section or read about the experiences of customers who have successfully deployed the Celiveo Healthcare Connector in our Success Stories section.


Swiss Hospital Deploys the Celiveo healthcare output management solution

The Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen (KSSG) is a group of three Swiss hospitals: St. Gallen, Rorschach, and Flawil. The three hospitals had 850 locally and network attached printers, 45 multifunction devices, 42 copiers, and 40 label printers—all from different hardware manufacturers. This printing environment generated high costs and a lot of technical support. The KSSG wanted to reduce printing costs by at least 25% and ease technical support by simplifying the printing infrastructure.

Celiveo for Healthcare

This hospital features eighty nursing units - providing clinical services to 1,100+ beds in the areas of perioperative, medical/surgical, ambulatory and critical care - produce highly confidential patient care reports (about medications, diet, IVs, etc.) that can number in the hundreds of pages. And, depending on the nursing unit, new reports get printed out on HP LaserJet workgroup printers every one-to-four hours. Celiveo Auth-SC and Print-SMP secure print jobs all the way from the application to the controlled delivery onto paper. Print jobs are "wrapped" (encrypted) on PCs, ERP and Unix systems, sent electronically over the network, stored on the destination HP printer hard drive, and decrypted at print time, when only the appropriate nursing units can retrieve them using their 2 factors authentication smartcard. Celiveo saves resources and is HIPAA compliant.
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