Celiveo announces the launch of Celiveo Print Management Embedded solution for Ricoh SOP2/SOP2.5 devices

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Singapore, 11 March 2020: Celiveo is pleased to announce the release of a fully embedded Celiveo Print Management solution for Ricoh SOP2/SOP2.5 MFPs. This new fully embedded product is the first solution available on the market that complies with the new IT trending – Serverless and Edge Computing.

Celiveo provides intelligent print management and secure printing directly embedded inside the Ricoh SOP2 MFD, not driven by any external PC or server. Features cover granular PIN/cards/login-password user authentication for MFD functions, server and serverless pull printing, SAP printing, High Availability, print rules, floor maps, intelligent direct print , drivers and settings deployment, detailed usage tracking and reporting, usage quota with 3 quota schemes.

With Celiveo, clients can always rely on Ricoh MFD even when they face an IT failure, as having Celiveo fully running inside each Ricoh MFD makes a very big difference in term of scalability, cost of ownership and stability. There is no more single point of failure or bottleneck, even if AD or SQL servers are not reachable, no more server to monitor.
Serverless and Edge Computing follows the IoT and 5G new paradigm, have the intelligence as close as possible to where it is needed. The Cloud or datacenter is there to provide central services such as database and authentication but failover mechanism allow the devices to run properly even if the connection to external resources is broken.

“Based on our survey, we expect the demand for serverless to grow in the near term as another worthwhile infrastructure option for many organizations…”

ZeroServer™ is an innovating technology developed by Celiveo, it relies on IoT and Edge Computing technologies and allows to remove all printing-related servers in a company. That saves up to 10 X the cost of printing and make printing easier, predictable, safer and robust. The ZeroServer™ intelligence is located at every node of the print architecture:

  • Inside the SOP2.0 and 2.5 MFDs
  • Inside the end-users PC and Mac
  • Inside a Windows print server if a print-server setup is requested, mix server and serverless within one single architecture is totally possible

Celiveo delivers High Availability Printing to Ricoh MFDs without a single point of failure, no server therefore no server replication, as a standard base feature in Celiveo Enterprise Edition.
Celiveo ZeroServer™ and High Availability Printing technology bring these benefits to our customers:

  • Full scalability
  • Lower latency
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Resolves many issues seen with pure Cloud technology: High Availability, latency, security
This is available in three product lines to address spectrum of customers from SMB to Large Enterprise with Business Edition, Business+ Edition and Enterprise Edition.

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