Sometimes it isn’t just an ‘off the shelf’ print solution.

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Health Care IT, High Availability, Print Solution | 0 comments

A major 630 bed teaching Hospital, with an emphasis in Cardiac and Respiratory Medicine, was progressing towards wireless infrastructure and tablet-based applications. To take advantage of greater mobility, a Mobile Clinical app was developed inhouse to enable Clinicians to prescribe and print pharmaceutical prescriptions as they move about the hospital. Government regulation required pharmaceutical prescriptions to be printed on special paper. What that meant was the Clinician, being anywhere in the hospital, would need to find a printer loaded with the appropriate paper, discover which paper tray was loaded with it then select that printer and paper tray and print to it. That was a problem. With so many brands and styles of MFP’s and Printers, most optioned with multiple paper trays, that method would be too cumbersome and detract from the benefits of the Mobile App. So, what to do?

 The Hospital went to the Printer and MFP vendors for a solution. There was silence from all but one who has worked with and experienced Celiveo’s agility in developing tailored solutions.

Working onsite, Celiveo solved the problem. The solution not only satisfied the scope but surpassed it.

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Devices with special paper are clearly marked or a screen button produces a list or floor map of them.
  2. The Clinician creates the prescription from the app on a tablet device.
  3. The prescription prints to a unique print queue.
  4. Nothing happens, no page is output yet.
  5. The user reached the first available (any brand) MFP or Printer and presents his badge to the card reader.
  6. Celiveo validates the user against the badges database.
  7. Pending script print jobs are released to the MFP or Printer and the tray with the prescription paper is automatically detected and selected.
  8. If script paper tray is empty the printer will ask for replenishment. The job will not default to another tray.
  9. Other users can print to the printer but not from the tray containing script paper.
  10. Only scripts created from the app by Clinicians can be printed on the script paper.
The Hospital said, “We developed this application and were at the point where we thought printing issues would never see it working…”.